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I tried to make a photo scenery with Sbuilder. After compilation i got only the bgl. I found some bmps in the work folder and put them into world\texture as i read in another thread. Although i got no result in FS. Could somebody please give me a short description where to put the files and how to activate in Fs?
Thanks in advance


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Hi Hekto,

The textures indeed need to go in the world\texture folder (all those textures with long names with a lot of numbers :)). The BGL file should be put in the scenery folder of the project you are working on. And that should be enough to get it working (that scenery folder must be active in the scenery library of course).
Hi Arno!
I found out that sbuilder copies the tesxtures in the right folder automatically :banghead: .
But it did not work. Then i tried some different locations of the bgl. it didnt work. I created a complete new scenery and i worked! :wizard: Think it was not corect calibrated because i saw that everytime i tried to do that, it did not work properly. ( NW point ok with only clicking anywhere in the map without pressing M).
But at the second try it worked and im a happy man.
I will now complete the scenery with alphachannel...
Thanks for your help

Ps: could be that i need your help again in the following months as this will be a mammoth project (Home airport EDKP photo-realistic).
Hi again!
Sorry but no end of the problems in sight.
The photo scenery looks really great, but i want to include it in the default landscape a bit smoother. I created a alpha channel (one with 2 and one with 8bit) but both didnt work. I get only the ugly sqare shaped photo. could you give some advice?
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The Alpha-channel needs to be created as a separate image. This can be quite tricky, since SBuilder seems to not accept any 256-grayscale image. I have used PaintShopPro 7 (note the version!), and then it works ok. I did not get images made with Photoshop Elements to work. PSP7 allows you to define an exact number of colours, and it might be that PS Elements has its own ideas on how many colours should be included in the image.

NOTE: Several versions of SBuilder have been released since I last worked with photographic scenery. This problem might have been fixed since then.

Thanks for your reply,
I created a 8bit greyscale with gimp, so that should not be the problem.
But i will see if i did something wrong with the conversion to 8bit. eg. converting and then saving as 256bit.
Problem solved!
I had to create a 8bit bitmap with another program, mine saved the bmps as 24bit. I did it with bmpext from MWgraphics.
Luis from PTsim gave me a good hint for anyone who has problems with alphas from Photoshop. I has something to do with the hex code. Further information
Thanks for your help
PS: is there a way to show the autogen above the Photo?
I do believe the answer to that is Art Martin's autogen annotator. There is a forum on it right here at I just took my first glance at it last night and it looks swell!


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hekto said:
PS: is there a way to show the autogen above the Photo?
Hi Pascal,

Art's programme should do it fine. Note - you need to flip vertically the "VTP photo" bitmaps in order to use them as a template for placing the autogen. You flip them only to help you to create the agns. When you finish the autogen, put the flipped bitmaps in the waste bin.