SBuilder won't compile a BGL

I'm trying to create a small lake, using an LWM polygon. To compile, I first select the polygon - the vertices hilite in green. Then I bring up the compilation dialogue - most options are greyed out except for the "LWM Polygons" checkbox - which I assume is normal. Then I click the Compile button - and nothing happens. Sometimes a shell window flashes for a split second, sometimes not - but it never creates a BGL. I also tried dragging the scm and sbp files over the bglcomp executable - still no BGL. Any ideas?
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No shoreline? Try doing a VTP line as coast, that should do it.


I would be curious exactly how the original poster solved the SBuilder compile problem. I have placed SCASM 2.96 into the Tools\Work directory and still nothing seems to compile unless I do it manually.

Is there something I am doing wrong?




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Umm, I belive the SCASM.exe should be located in the SBuilder/Tools-folder, not the Work-subfolder?



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Yep, that is also where my SCASM is located. In the tools folder.


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There was a bug which has been fixed ...


If you go to the PTSim forum you can get revision 3 of SBuilder 2.05. In that revision I have fixed a bug :eek: which I describe as follows:

"if you have SBuilder main folder in a drive and the SBP project files in another drive, there was a possibility of not being able to fire up SCASM. The SCM file was generated in the Tools\Work folder but the BGL file was not generated".

If that is the case, please get the last version,

Regards, Luis


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Luis, I've just tried downloading version 3 of SBuilder from PTSim since I was having difficulty compiling files as described above in this thread. Unfortunately, the version available at PTSim is the 8May2005, which still will not compile files if the ".SBP" file is stored on a disk different from where the SBuilder program is stored.

I've worked around the problem by moving my ".SBP" file to the SBuilder program folder on the C: drive. Just thought you might like to know.

Thanks for all your efforts. SBuilder is GREAT!