Hi all, I got a little prob with sbuilder, i select all polygons and press compile with all settings correct, i did as following:
1) open sbuilder
2) new project called LEMDFLATTEN
3) placed the default vtp scenery in it
4) remade the vtp with positions of the aircraft in fs
5) selected all polygons and pressed the bgl compiler button
what happend next I don't know, i can't find the file anywhere to install it
help plz
Hi Jessy,

When you start a new project you chose the main bgl-folder under "folders" on the dialog box that pops up. This setting may later be changed (when the project is open): File -> preferences -> folders.

However, SBuilder also places a copy of the bgl in "...\SBuilder\Tools\Work". So look for the program folder, wherever that is on your setup.

OK. Your project is opened. Go to File -> preferences -> folder. If you recognize the folder and the bgl is not there, then:

Did you install according to instructions? Did you dl the latest version of Scasm and install it in the tools folder as per instruction?

Ow, I didn't instal scasm, I completely forgot that, I had to format my pc and so i lost the scasm file but I'll install it again
Thx for the help