SBuilderX 3.15 Freezes on "Details" Window

It's hit and miss but my SBuilderX 3.15 is freezing when looking at the Details windows in the Object Properties pane. Though I can move the figure and change the numbers, it's extremely slow. Nothing else seems to work while the freezing is taking place. Using Windows 10. Appreciate any suggestions to fix this issue.
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Thank you Gary. I should've said that the version I'm using is 3.15. It's what shows on the "Help/About" menu. I've edited my original post.
IIUC, you are referring to:

SBuilderX Menu > Tools > Object > SBuilderX Object Properties dialog > {Lib Objects} tab ? :scratchch

Be sure you run SBuilderX from a Windows Shortcut link edited to allow SBuilderX.exe to "Run As Administrator".

Also, be certain that you have the proper version of FSUIPC installed for your installed numeric version of P3D: :pushpin:

If the above suggestions do not resolve the issue, let me know. :)

I'm referring to manipulating/rotating the image that appears after pressing the Details button highlighted in this image:


Either the entire PC freezes or it's very slow when rotating the object image here,


I do run SBuilderX as an administrator, and I do have the latest FSUIPC version.

Thank you for your help.
Hi David:

Which version of Windows-10 installation do you have:

32-Bit (aka "x86" single core CPU computer)


64-Bit (aka "x64" multi-core CPU computer)

If you have a 32-Bit version of Windows-10, see:

[SBX315 install path]\SBX315\ReadMe315.txt:


The files contained in the archive solve some
problems found when running SBuilderX 3.14 on Windows 10
operating systems. A full repository of the source code
can be found in:

SBuilderX 3.15 does not relay on any external DLL file to
read and write Esri shape files. A relevant number of
known bugs have been corrected as well as some enhancements
have been added.


You need to have a complete and running version of SBuilderX
3.14 installed in your system. Then you simply replace/add
the files contained in the present archive. It is advisable
that you create a backup copy of the files that will be
replaced by the present ones. A set of plugins for different
Tile Servers is included. The DLLs are of the anyCPU type
and were written by Richard Ludowise.


SBuilderX 3.15 is a Visual Basic programme and requires that
you have .NET Framework 4.7 installed in your system
. If you have
not it installed, you can get it here:,7+runtime&oq=Windows+10+.NET+4,7+runtime&gs_l=psy-ab.3..0i8i13i30l2.1685.15700..16085...1.0..0.281.2974.18j9j2......0....1..gws-wiz.....6..0i308i154j0i131j0j0i22i30j33i22i29i30j33i160.ta8zs_gQX9E&ved=0ahUKEwidz972vIXkAhUPSa0KHd5yA-AQ4dUDCAc&uact=5

DirectX3D version 9 also needs to exist in your system.


SBuilderX 3.15 was compiled with AnyCPU as target. Therefore it
runs as a 64-bit process on x64 machines and as a 32-bit process
on x86 machines. However, it uses slimDX.dll for which there
is no anyCPU version. If you are running on a x64 machine you need
to do nothing. If you are running on a x86 machine you should make
a backup copy of the file slimDX.dll and then rename the file
slimDX-x86.dll to slimDX.dll."

Hope this helps. :)

I have Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. Per the ReadMe315.txt file, looks like I need to have "... a complete and running version of SBuilderX
3.14 installed in your system" before installing 3.15. Does this apply even with Windows 10 Pro 64-bit? I have .NET 4.8 and DirectX 12. I'm assuming these meet the .NET 4.7 and DirectX 9 requirements.


I recommend that you instead try using the newest Windows-10 compatible version of SBuilderX 3.15:

NOTE: rhumbaflappy said...

"I have made a full zipped version of the program, with all folders filled for immediate use without a previous installation of version 314:"

Full SbuilderX v315

Please reply here to indicate whether or not this is the version you actually have installed before downloading / installing anything else, :alert:

Gary, I installed the Full SbuilderX v315 you posted into a separate folder and it works flawlessly. I will proceed with using this one from now on. Thank you for your help in solving this issue.