SBuilderX 315 Zoom Level limited to 15???

High, I haven`t used SBuilderX for several years but now I wanted to start scenery development once again. I downloaded the latest version 315 and added my first small area. I was surprised to see that the maximum zoom level I could choose was 15, which roughly equals 4 m /pixel if I´m noz mistaken. I´m pretty sure that in the past I could choose at least ZL 17 or even more. Anything I´,m doing wrong?

Cheers, Fabian

If anything, new SBuilderX v315 tile-server features offer the same or higher zoom level imagery

Note that Yahoo / Nokia / Google legacy tile-servers are now deprecated, but there are newer Google tile-servers

Assuming you have downloaded / installed the ready-to-use "Full SbuilderX v315" ZIP package ...from this link:

Full SbuilderX v315

...shown in this post: can edit the tile active server (check "use [ tile server name ]" checkbox) to see what zoom level it offers in an area.

Hope this helps. :)