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FSX SBuilderX Background Not Showing Up

Hi everyone,

I just got SBuilderX and I followed these instructions, and when I click View > Show Background it just stays white and it does not show the background.

I downloaded and installed this update and still had the same problem.

Does anyone know what I can do to get it to show the background?

All help appreciated.

Hi Caleb:

First apply the newest tile server update for GoogleMaps / Satellite aerial imagery etc.:


The latest DLL replaces a existing DLL by the same name ...within the SBuilder sub-folder chain at ex: ;)

[SBuilderX314 install path]\Tiles\GoogleServer.dll

Then be sure you have installed rhumbaflappy's other (most recent only !) aerial imagery tile-server add-ons / updates for SBuilderX:





FYI: Although manually entering the "Go To Position" coordinates and/or using SBuilderX when 'connected' to a live FS flight session via FSUIPC can certainly help in many cases, IMHO, it is preferable to also change the Geographic coordinates of that default "start location" in the SBuilderX "initialization" file (aka "Sbuilder.ini"), as that helps SBuilderX to 'manually' zoom / pan / scroll properly when working with displayed scenery content within its work-space when working in a project location area over multiple SBuilderX task sessions.

Otherwise, the Geographic extent to which one is able to successfully 'manually' zoom / pan / scroll is limited when working with displayed scenery content within SBuilderX's work-space, and the requested area one attempts to visualize may not stay in view, as the work-space "background" keeps shifting back to a position closer to the default Geographic coordinates for a "central start location" specified within the SBuilder.Ini file. ;)

To do this, one must edit the pertinent lines in the SBuilder.Ini file to set the center of the Map background at the Geographic center of your own project area rather than the default one in Portugal via: :idea:

SBuilderX Menu > Edit > Preferences > {Background Tab} > click [INI File] button < file opens in Windows NotePad >

LonIniCenter=-9.136076 <-- Your own project's central Longitude goes here
LatIniCenter= 38.7813203 <-- Your own project's central Latitude goes here
BGLFolder=C:\MyPrograms\SBuilderX314\Scenery <-- Your own project's compiled BGL 'active' \Scenery folder path goes here

1.) When configuration of your SBuilderX project is completed via editing "SBuilder.ini" in Windows NotePad:

.....a.) In Windows NotePad Menu > File > Save As... > "Save as type" field, set to "All Files (*.*)" (do not click OK yet)

.....b.) In NotePad Menu > File > Save As... > "Save In" field, browse to [SBuilderX install path] folder; double-click to select it

2.) Back in NotePad Menu > File > Save As... browse dialog, click "OK"

.....a.) When prompted to over-write Sbuilder.ini, click "YES" to save your edits to that file.

3.) Exit and re-start SBuilderX (...or the above changes will not yet take effect)

If this does not work for you, feel free to post coordinates for an example "problem" area that you have observed using either Google Maps / Satellite, MS Virtual Earth / Bing, ESRI / ArcGIS World Imagery or Nokia tile-servers etc. in SBuilderX. :pushpin:

NOTE: SBuilderX Menu > Edit > Preferences > {Background Tab} ...is also where you choose a 'active' aerial imagery tile server

PS: I notice that you are using Windows-10; some folks have reported problems running the SBuilderX version 3.14 (64-bit aka "x64") with that version of Windows, and you may need to instead use the SBuilderX version 3.14 (32-bit aka "x86") for certain SBuilderX scenery development procedures:

There is a problem with SBuilderX 3.14-64-bit and Windows10. http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/sbx314-and-windows-10.434998/

I also had your problem, and it is solved by my using the 32-bit version of SBuilderX 3.14, with my Windows 10 system.


Hope this helps ! :)

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Hi GaryGB,

Thanks for the very detailed information.

I wi try that as soon as I get a chance.

FYI: The PC specs listed in my signature are for the PC that I fly using. I develop on a different PC than I fly on. I have Windows 7 on my development PC. But that is still good information for when I upgrade to Windows 10. This is the second time my signature has made people confused, so I should change it to something that makes more sense.


So, when I go to this link: http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/jpl-imagery-downloads.20672/ and then click the link to download, I get an error. Do you have a more current working link for this download?

Yes, that is a 'dead' link to Dick's older download site; here's the current location (look for OnEarthServer.zip) at:



I installed all the things from all the other links you gave me, and I still have the same problem. Just stays white.

Any other ideas on how to fix this?

Thanks in advance.

If you are enabling display of the Background from:

SBuilderX Menu > View > Show Background - F1

...and you still see white in the SBuilderX work-space, try zooming out to ex: zoom level 7 or 8 (-or perhaps an even 'lower' zoom level).

If that does not show any aerial imagery, try selecting a different tile server from:

SBuilderX Menu > Edit > Preferences > {Background Tab}

...then save your selection, and exit that dialog to the SBuilderX work-space.

Next, disable, and immediately re-enable Background view.

If that does not work, try re-installing SBuilderX into Windows-7 from the "complete package" ZIP file that rhumbaflappy posted, then re-install all the most recent tile server updates I linked to above into that new [SBuilderX v3.14 (64-Bit) install path]\Tiles sub-folder:

SBuilderX "complete package" download URL
: https://onedrive.live.com/download?resid=F3950C5BBD2BCFA1!805

rhumbaflappy said:

Hi all.

Until Luis returns from sailing, I'm going to make available a zip file of a complete SBuilderX314 folder. It contains everything. Just unzip it to the harddrive location of choice, and it should run on any 64-bit Windows7 or Windows8. Make a shortcut of the SBuilderX.exe and place that on your desktop, if you like.

When Luis returns, he'll decide if a full 314 installer is a good option, and I'll remove this zip from the cloud.

This should end installation problems a few users are still having.

Here's the link:



Some notes on configuring that new install of SBuilderX v3.14 from Dick's "complete package" zip file:


< Many thanks to rhumbaflappy aka Richard Ludowise for all his help with SBuilderX and the many tile server updates ! :wizard: >

Let me know how this works out for you. :)

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Google Satellite only worked when zoomed at 0, 1, 2, or 3, but the other tile servers (such as Yahoo and ArcGis) work great.

Thanks for the help
Hi Caleb:

The URLs for aerial imagery are periodically changed / updated by Google tile servers, and as a result, sometimes URLs for aerial imagery either no longer work at all, or no longer work for 'higher' Zoom levels of higher resolution aerial imagery ...when accessed via the older SBuilderX-compatible "Google Satellite" tile server DLL.

This subsequently requires updates to the URLs linked by that older "Google Satellite" tile server DLL, and Dick (aka "rhumbaflappy") has been generously been providing those updates to the URLs for that older "Google Satellite" tile server DLL.

FYI: Dick has apparently recently found that the newer Google Maps API may eliminate a need for periodic Google URL updates.

So I would recommend that instead of attempting to use the older "Google Satellite" tile server DLL, that you select Dick's most recently released "Google_api3_Satellite" tile server DLL via:

SBuilderX Menu > Edit > Preferences > {Background Tab}

...then save your selection, and exit that dialog to the SBuilderX work-space,

Next, disable, and immediately re-enable Background view.

BTW: "Google_api3_Satellite" aerial imagery is AFAIK, the same version displayed via the older "Google Satellite" tile server DLL.

PS: If you have any further issues with accessing 'higher' Zoom levels of higher resolution aerial imagery when you select Dick's most recently released "Google_api3_Satellite" tile server DLL, please let us know about this; that way Dick might be notified, and he may opt to further fine-tune his latest "Google" DLL coding, so that it does not continue to require his ongoing maintenance. :)

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Thanks for the information.

The Google api3 is one of the ones that works and it will probably be the one I use.

Thanks again for the help.