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This scenery is at Astoria, Oregon (KAST) There are two default bridges close by the airport. One is straight and is a rxr bridge. The other has a ramp to it as you can see it the jpg. I want to keep the bridge with the ramp which ends on a land spit.

The other (rxr bridge) I want to delete. They are so close together I cannot delete one without the other because the exclude rectangle will not rotate. in the afcad program. (so .... I can't grab onto one without grabbing the other one.)

So- I am trying to get rid of this railroad bridge in SbuilderX. I do not know what to tag it with. exclude all railroads does not work. Exclude all roads don't work either, I think. What tag should I use? These are both default objects.

I am trying to surround this RxR bridge with a poly. Perhaps that is not correct thing to do. Tis RxR bridge starts off fine but drops into the water and re appears on the other side. Google and Bing both do not show this bridge in extant. How can I get rid of this troublesome bridge. Bob
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Hi Bob,

those bridges are "extrusion" vectors and thus require an Extrusion Bridge tag within a poly created with the Exclude Tool not the Polygon tool.

As with your AFCAD program these kinds of object exclude polys can be N-S oriented rectangles only. However, you can place a series of small rectangles to prevent affecting adjacent bridges.

Specific to extrusion bridges, each support pylon you see represents a point on the vector used to construct the bridge so that's where your excludes should center. I'm actually not sure whether all vector points require to be excluded or just one of them; I suppose you can try a small rectangle centered on one of the pylons.

If you want to create your own replacement extrusion bridges have a look at Luis's excellent tutorial: http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID=fsxsd&DLID=140542

Cheers, Holger