SBuilderX v315 P3dv4.4 Compatibility

Yes SBuilderX version 3.15 is compatible with P3Dv4.4. :pushpin:

Be certain a 'current' version of FSUIPC compatible with P3Dv4.4 is installed (...also required for ADE and other FS utilities). ;)

As with prior versions of FSX and/or P3D, decide which version of FS you wish to output for when compiling scenery in SBuilderX, and be certain that the SDK "Tools" specific to that version of FS are the only ones located within:

[SBuilderX315 install path]\Tools sub-folder

NOTE: The above cited required FS SDK "Tools" include these SDK compilers and SDK compilation-related configuration files:

bglcom9.exe                                     Application     (FS2004)
bglcom9.xsd                                     XSD File        (FS2004)

FSX or P3D files:

bglcomp.exe                                     Application
bglcomp.xsd                                     XSD File
EXX.xml                                         XML Document
FLX.xml                                         XML Document
FWX.xml                                         XML Document
HGX.xml                                         XML Document
HLX.xml                                         XML Document
HPX.xml                                         XML Document
ImageTool.exe                                   Application
Managed_CrashTree.dll                           DLL File
Managed_Lookup_Keyword.dll                      DLL File
PKX.xml                                         XML Document
RDX.xml                                         XML Document
resample.exe                                    Application
RRX.xml                                         XML Document
Shp2Vec.exe                                     Application
STX.xml                                         XML Document
terrain.cfg                                     CFG File
UTX.xml                                         XML Document
XToMdl.exe                                      Application
FYI: These 'could' be swapped in and out of ZIP archives kept in that same sub-folder using a batch file, PowerBuilder etc.

PS: You may find these SDK files easier by looking at file / folder path info in Arno's ModelConverterX (aka "MCX") > Options

Hope this helps ! :)
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