SbuilderX v315 .SBP files deleted after a fail compile .

Hi , Prior to SbuilderX v315 , after an error and fail to compile bgl file , SbuilderX just closed , my .SBP file is still there in the shapes folder . All I need to do is start SbuilderX again and open the SBP file to compile the bgl file . It worked all the time before v315 .
Now with v315 , every time before I start to press that green BGL compile button , I have to pray that no error will occur during the compile process or else my SBP file will be gone and I have to start all over again . My work around right now is that before hitting the compile button , I copy and paste the .SBP file in a safe place in the case it is deleted if an error occur when compile and SbuilderX has to be closed . Is there a setting somewhere to tell SbuilderX v315 not to delete my .SBP files ?
I am using FSX in Windows 8.1 . Thanks

SBuilderX remembers where you last saved the most recent *.SBP project file until that path is changed.

SBuilderX auromatically and globally deletes all files in this sub-folder after a project is compiled via SDK SHP2VEC:

[SBuilderX315 install path]\Tools\Shapes

CAVEAT: Do not save any file there that you wish to keep after any CVX vector BGL is compiled from selected objects ! :alert:

Rather than deleting 'only' *.SHPs, SBuilderX 3.15 deletes *.SHP, *.SBP, and other files ...after a CVX BGL compilation. :oops:

You can change the path for the current project *.SBP project file to ex: [SBuilderX 3.15 install path]\Tools\Work ...via;

SBuilderX Menu > Edit > Edit SBuilderX.INI

Browse and change target path here:

SBPDir=[SBuilderX315 install path]\Tools\Shapes

...should be changed to ...ex:

SBPDir=[SBuilderX 3.15 install path]\Tools\Work

After performing that manual edit, exit and re-start SBuilderX.

Hope this helps ! :santahat:

Thank you GaryGB ,
Following your instruction to change the path of the saved .SBP file , now I don't need to pray when hitting that compile button:) .
Many thanks .
I just read this post and can give an indication I hope useful if you "lose" your sbuilder files.
Some months ago I deleted a sbx files, but I still have de compiled cvx file.
I used cvx extractor ver 102; you recover shp files and import them to rebuild your sbx project; it needs some time, but less than buid a new project.
Thanks to cvx extractor!