FSXA SBX315 Problems with textures of generic building

Hello guys,
Today I worked on GMMZ and constructed simple 1-story buildings for barracks in its close vicinity. Everything compiled fine, the buildings as such are visible, but (except the roofs) without any textures - just greenish walls. I've checked for the texture files and all are there. The respective XML-file looks okay as well as far as I can judge and alternative textures showed up exactly the same way. What is going wrong?

Edit: Even if I tested yesterday for hours before posting my question, it seems that I got onto the track now. It seems that it has to do with the gable texture and/or probably with the tiling settings (that I had chosen to avoid windows and other structures). Actually, all of those buildings had basically a similar source and their variance was the bottom section (unfortunately not only). I've built a lot of structures by using SBX and never hat the questioned problem before (well, except with hangars that are often looking much different than the preview).

While testing I had more or less the frustrating experience to find well fitting settings, but after loading the project the result looked much different. Is there any tool somewhere, doing this specific task better?
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Hi again,

My impression being on the track again was definitely wrong. :banghead:
I'm again fighting with quite simple structures, standard textures of a simple airport building (about 36 x 15 m). It has a ridge roof, is likely a hangar or workshop, the gable is on top of the wider side. I'm getting strange results, whatever I'm trying.