P3D v4 Scanning for fs9 AI models?

I moved my ai collection to v4 from v3 but this is causing the sim to crash occasionally possibly to due to some fs9 type old models that remain and get loaded. Is there a tool that can scan and point to these old models so as to be able to remove them?
I fear there is more to it. Talking about Military AI there are issues with about any model I checked (Nick Black, Mike Pearson etc), about 40 models. Either they are only partly visible, or completely invisible and/or crashing the sim.
It turned out not related to AI model but error in aircraft cfg where tail number was pasted in parking code after the actual airline code with a space. Removing it stopped the crashes, it didn't cause such problem in v3 however. Looks like a utility to check such errors might come handy to diagnose AI related crashes in v4.