FSXA SCASM Light cause Ground Poly to Flicker

I seem to encounter a little problem when I added Runway lights using Scasm but I have no idea what I did wrong. Here are some pictures...

Here is with Scasm Lights

Here is without Scasm Lights

Here are my details on my Ground Poly, maybe it will help
Layer 8

Layer 12
-Dark Runway
-Dark Taxiway

Layer 16
-Light Runway
-Light Taxiway

Layer 20
-taxiway line
-runway line

Layer 24
-taxiway holdstop
-runway touchdown line

Light and dark basically means that the dark coloured concrete is at the bottom of the light one so that it gives a very nice effect of the runway

Here are some information about the airport which I think is relevant as well.
Altidude - 70ft and this was also set in Scasm(via AFW)
Grounds are flatten, using ADE. So yes, im not sure what causes the ground to flicker


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You enter exactly the same elevation in the flatten, scasm runway and xml runway?
Its just weird that, without the scasm lights. The runway is fine. But when I place the scasm lights, the ground then flickers.
ok now I get you arno. haha thanks. I see I added 0.5 to my elevation. no wonder its not flat. thanks again arno. solved~