FSXA SCASM Light not appearing over Ground Poly

Hello Everyone,

I've already used SCASM Lights technique on my first freeware product successfully!
But now I'm trying to do it one more time for my second project however It didn't work really good.

I made a runway with the right information (Right Coordinates and Length and Altitude of the Runway). I made a PAPI Light for the runway then generated .SCA File and dragged the generated .SCA to SCASM.exe so I can get a BGL with a size of 1KB at most. After that, I moved the BGL to my scenery folder.

After running FSX, I don't see any PAPI Light over my actual Ground Poly. However, the PAPI Lights are seen if I delete my Ground Poly BGL (scenery_Ground.BGL). The biggest layer I've used on my Ground Poly is 40.

SCASM Lights are supposed to appear over Ground Poly, right? and That's why I used them rather than the AFCAD Lights (ADE)!

Any solution to this?
I wish you could help me :confused:
do you trying deleting some ground poly layers?.

looks like SCASM code from Barinas.

Set(  FSVERS 0x700 )

Header(       1     8.73976   8.48976   -70.33847   -70.08847   )

LatRange(     8.48976   8.73976   )

Copyright( "Latinwings Simulations" )

; FS2000 runway  13
; [using newer SCASM Runway command for FS2K & beyond]

Area( 5  08:36.8853  -070:12.8082  30 )
    Smoothing ( 1 )
    Runway(   08:36.8853 -070:12.8082
      Altitude    202.9968
      Heading     123.01
      Length      5871
      Width       128
      Id          13
      Surface     -1
      Markers     0
      THRESHOLD    0
      Lights      2
      ThrLightsN  01
      ThrLightsF  01
      AprLF       6
    Smoothing ( 0 )
    Macro( "C:\Program Files (x86)\Latinwings\APW\API\papi02.api" 08:36.8853 -070:12.8082 null null 303.01 594 -20 1 3.2 null 202.9968 )
The Most (Maximum) layer of my GP is 40
I used GP layers as the following:

8 Overlay
12 Edges
16 Concrete
20 Runway
24 Asphalt
28 Markings
32 Skids
36 Photo Real
40 Grass

Should I need to try less GP layers ?
No, try only until the markings layers (layer 28).
i mean, delete all layers above layer 28 and test it.
And do you check that is on correct position?
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Thank you so much LD Sceneries !! :):)

It's now working really good after I worked with your advice which is to delete all layers above 28
I used GP Layers as the following:

Aerial Photo 18
Skids 17
Markings 16
Asphalt 15
Runway 14
Concrete 13
Edge 12

Papi Lights are now extremely visible :):)
This is the result

Thank you so much LD Sceneries!
I'll mention you in my Special Thanks Doc after releasing this product
No problem, the scenery looks very nice!.

I never try this, but i think that is SCASM light layer :

Area( 5  08:36.8853  -070:12.8082  30 <-----LAYER)
No problem, the scenery looks very nice!.

I never try this, but i think that is SCASM light layer :

Area( 5  08:36.8853  -070:12.8082  30 <-----LAYER)
Thank you for your kind words LD Sceneries! :rolleyes::rolleyes:
For the SCASM Light Layer input in *.SCA File, I don't really know about it. However I think that's the PAPI Angle (Maybe)