FSX SCASM Runway eliminating World of AI Traffic, only during day

Hi guys,

A very interesting issue at hand here I would like to get your opinion on.

Here's the SCASM code.
Header( 0 50.00 49.00 -120.00 -119.00 )
LatRange( 49.00 50.00 )

Area( 5 49.958106269 -119.378088237 12 )
LayerCall( :drawStuff 52 ) ; main call, let's draw stuff
Jump32( : ) ; finished now, get outta here

Runway( 49.958106269 -119.378088237
Alt 429.463; in meters
Heading 175.0
Length 8629 ; in feet
Width 200 ; in feet
Markers 00
Lights 02
Surface -1
Threshold 00
ThrOffN 0
ThrOffF 0
ExtN 0
ExtF 0
ThrLightsN 02
AprLN 01
StrobesN 5
VasiBarsN 8
VasiSpaceN 0
VasiDistN 3000
VasiSideN 153
VasiSlopeN 3.0
ThrLightsF 02
AprLF 01
StrobesF 5
VasiBarsF 8
VasiSpaceF 0
VasiDistF 3350
VasiSideF 153
VasiSlopeF 3.3
This is the runway at Kelowna Airport, and the code at all my other airports is similar. For some reason though, the SCASM code is responsible for the disappearance of World of AI aircraft, and that while only during the day. As far as I know the problem is only in FSX.

I'm thinking of going to ask World of AI to weigh in on this as well, A SCASM runway is not that uncommon. Please note that I tried changing the coordinates to see if that gave a different result.

If there's anyone who is using World of AI and has a working SCASM runway, can you pleae post it here? Also, any input on this strange issue is of course welcome ;)
This is a common FSX bug. A sure way to get rid of it on user side is to disable "Aircraft casts ground shadows".