Scasm Runway Papis...

My lights and Papis for my runway are SCASM coded, to show over the polys, the runway's invisible, yet I need to set an offset threshold in the SCASM to align the papis with the touchdown marking....

BUT! This introduces lines and the threshold markings are written over my ground polys, and I can't seem to make them invisible...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I've tried putting another invisible runway, same as the original, but shorter by the needed amount, with PAPIs, but for some reason they wont display.
If the threshold offset is the same at both sides, this will result in same geolocation of both runways, FS does not like this. You need to move one runway a tiny bit (something like fifth, sixth decimal should suffice)

(also there is the possibility to make GMAX papis)
I had the main side lights with the 1st, full length runway, then another runway, 500m shorter, with the same heading, in the same place, with the papis, which appear at the ends of the runway, but in the right place on the 1st, full size one. But they didn't display. God knows why the papis aren't aligned with a touch down zone. I can't seem to make one. There isn't any threshold offsets now, as they appear over my ground polys.

yeah, i think making papi's is a bit beyond me atm. I might have a look into it cheerz
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IIRC there are also several offsets to change PAPI position.

Looking at my sourcefiles, try playing with VasiDistN and VasiDistF params.

Failing that, post your code. We will take a look.
Sir, you are very right. I don't know how this escaped me, staring at a bit of unfamiliar code, I failed to spot it. I'm having a try now.