Scenary library list (defult v payware) p3dv4.2

Hi all,

I had a look through the forum. But, not sure I can find a post that fully answers my question. I am nearly finished with a Heliport i have made in blender. I want to do some secenry placement using p3d defult secenry. My concern is I have orbx and uk2000 install for personal flying and I don't want to add any of their objects to my Heliport as I don't want to breach copyright laws. Most of the orbx scenary has _orbx in the title so is m guessing/hoping all there scenery does, meaning it is easy to identify.

Is there a list anywhere so I can cross reference. I don't really want to do a clean install if I can help it.

Any ideas welcome. . . .Thank you
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If you are placing from within the simulator, using SimDirector for example, you can simply deactivate the scenery layers containing proprietary content. Any content you place that is not owned by the "client" computer simply will not render in his sim.