Scenery Activator for FSX and Prepar3D

Now everything makes sense. In previous versions, the config was in the .ini file, in the newer version, you need to edit the .bat right clicking on it and selecting "edit". For those who don't know much about .bat files, this is more clear. Thank you for replying, now I know where to put the target version.

In case anyone fights the same problem in the future:
The Scenery Activator comes with 3 files: ActivatorConfig.ini, SceneryActivator.bat, SceneryActivator.exe
Open the ActivatorConfig.ini and specify the Title of your Scenery and the path
Now right click on the SceneryActivator.bat, select "Edit" and inside the .bat file write which version do you want to target. For using FSX, for example, your .bat file would look like:
@echo off
.\SceneryActivator FSX

This can seem ridiculous simple for some, but not everyone knows about .bat files, like me.