Scenery Search Engine

What I would love to see is a search engine that could index all scenery available on the web, from all websites or torrent trackers, and display them on a map. I don't care if this is a feature inside of Flight Simulator, or a mashup with an online mapping site like Google's.
Here's what's desparately needed (my two cents): :scratchch

A way to view and search for scenery elements contained within FSX already!

If, for example, I'm looking for say ... a log cabin model ... it would be nice to be able to search the scenery library to see if one is already in there and to be able to compare the 3 or 4 that might be in there for the one which suits my mission design need.

While you can certainly do this to some degree with the OPT, its kind of kludgy and sometimes breaks and it's not extremely organized in its naming conventions.
As Monty Burns would say:

"Egggggselent." :D

So, I'm curious how you built this (looks automated somehow.)

I had thought of maybe placing every object into a flyable Mission so you could get 3D look at things by either flying or more likely slewing ... but haven't quite got round to that project.

(I hope that Arno will make this post sticky. What an excellent, excellent resource!)
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"Egggggselent." :D

So, I'm curious how you built this (looks automated somehow.)
Thanks. I used specifications of MDL and BGL files made by Arno and Winfried (many cheers to them!) to extract name and GUID informations and create a placement file for every objects included in FSX.
Then I coded a small simconnect add-on that move the user aircraft near the object location (using it's bounding box extracted from MDL to fit it on screen), send a screen shot event, copy the generated screenshot and then move to the next object. Some libraries needed manual correction of the viewpoint to get more accurate screenshots.
Then a small unix shell script to resize and convert images and finally another script to generate HTML pages.

BTW, if you plan to use the site extensively, please make a local copy by downloading the following archive:
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