Scenproc and/or annotator - autogen not showing

In my airport it was by default (and I also want to keep) an autogen landclass (small city) which should start right next to the airport terminal. The problem is that, in this area the satellite image resides (and it's impossible not to have the image at that position) and causes the autogen landclass I do with ADE, to show up only as a landclass texture without autogen models (ie. trees or houses).
I know this is because the ground polygon supresses the autogen but is there a work around this issue not to have to place the houses and trees by hand?

After a very long research I reached the conclusion that (to my understanding) the way to go is Scenproc or annotator to place autogen over the ground polygon.
I followed many tutorials and tested many scripts for Scenproc and annotator but the end result is always the same - nothing shows up in P3D.
I must be missing something very basic here which I fail to identify. Any ideas?

Here is my workflow and the scripts:

1) I download the .osm file from openstreetmaps
2) I create a script with the following commands - I enclose the final test which I tried to include everything to make sure is not a filtering causing the issue:

ExportAGN|FSX|C:\My Scenery\Texture

I also confirmed that the .agn files are indeed in the Texture folder.


1) I load in configuration AutogenDescriptions.xml
2) I load in the tool the bgl of my scenery ground
3) I select from configuration editor "Small city Suburban Grid Dry" and set GUID on Control tab (confirming the correct ag name)
4) I draw the polygon and save.
5) I copy the agn files to my scenery's texture folder.

Also just to be sure it's not an exclude polygon or the ground polygon etc that's blocking it I created another similar polygon 3-4nm away of the airport and that one also doesn't show up.

I am running out of ideas.....
Appreciate any help.