scenProc seems to ignore the tag natural="tree_row"

I have been tying to cultivate trees along tree rows for AFS2 with the latest dev build of scenProc

There are natural="tree_row" features in the OSM file
All features are imported into scenProc

the following SPC

LineToPolygon|FTYPE="LINE" And natural="tree_row"|2|String;landuse|forest

produces the log

11:10 AM LineToPolygon Information Extruding lines with filter FTYPE="LINE" AND (natural="tree_row")
11:10 AM LineToPolygon Information Extruded 0 polygons
11:10 AM UnloadFeatures Information Removing features that match natural="tree_row"
11:10 AM UnloadFeatures Information Removed 0 features

Other users in the AFS2 forum have noted similar results.

Is there some reason natural="tree_row" is not a valid scenProc tag?


PS highway="tree_row" will work
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scenProc uses the GDAL libraries to read the OSM file format. There is a file called osmconf.ini in the gdal-data folder that controls which elements from the OSM file are read. At the moment natural is not listed for line features, that's why you don't see your tree lines. I will change the configuration file in the next development release, but you can also edit it locally as a work around. Just add natural to the line that starts with attributes= in the [lines] section.