Screenshots of Autogen-Results !

To be first in here ...

Hi Art and mates ,

first results with the editor - i won t miss it now !!!

This is my hometown - and yes - this is betabeta-Betaversion...

Arno gave me the tip how to place lakes without much
work on photo-scenery - and - aaaahhhh - it works !!!
Looks very shXX - but who cares - it was the first test and i
will do all lakes in my home area !

ok - thats it for today -

Thanks to Art and Arno - their programs and tips
save a lot of time for me !

Enzo :wave:
Here's a screenshot of stuff I've been editing. This is a bridge I created using the latest feature of angled multiple GUI class objects.

I uploaded that program version to the VFR Autogen site tonight.




hehe, Art -

somebody has forgotten to end putting water in the
bathtub ...

lol - but it will be a hot summer - so that s ok !

Your bridge is cool - a very interesting feature of
your proggie !

Hasta luego -