Scripting engine for any FSX/P3D add-on


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I would like to present another tool from my WebSimConnect FSX/P3D add-on development framework.

It is called WebSimScript

It is a component that:

1) provides an interface between any 3rd party add-on and the scripting engine.
2) allows to execute scripts.

the demo is available on my YouTube channel:

Any add-on developer could easily as shown in the video make his own component scriptable by providing simple API interface between JavaScript and native code of FSX add-on. That would allow to run scripts in the FSX with the use of my WebSimBrowser component.

I see two major areas of application of this tool:

1) create FSX scenarios. Instead of fixed missions that are loaded with same conditions each time, someone could execute scripts that performs some operation on simobjects, textures, failures, etc. with some defined triggers written in the scripts.
2) We could use scripting for scenery building. Animations, object placement etc. could be done with scripts depending on some conditions coming from FSX.

One could even wrap Simconnect interface into JavaScript object. I provide source code for a simple add-on that allows to perform XML "execute_calculator_code" from the script. The C++ code is less than 50 lines. As I provide just a tool (as usual), it is up to you to see if it can help with your own project.

The advantage of the scripts over the native code is they are modifiable on the fly, can be generated by machine, can be easily shared by community on web servers (for example scenarios).

Anyway feel free to explore and apply if you find it useful.

I have not posted the executables yet, will do so in just few days. I need to complete the deployment package and finish the documentation. If anyone is interested in the usage, I am here to offer any assistance needed.

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Could be useful for interactive checklists, i.e. placing a checkmark once an item has been completed.
Does it work for P3Dv2?

I was an avid user of this FSX Mission Editor product in FSX but it does not exist now for P3D v2 so I am hoping for a suitable replacement.


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Well, it does work on P3D, however it is not pure replacement of Mission Editor. I just offers scripting possibilities for "any add-on scenario". Could be missions development, could be something else, however it would need to be enriched with "missions" interface.

BTW I thought SimDirector is the Mission Editor replacement ? I've never used it though.