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ScruffyDuck Software has updated its general software agreement. This sets out more clearly the terms under which applications, utilities and components may be used. One specific area of clarification is in the area of Commercial Use. It has always been the case that anyone wishing to use our software for financial reward should obtain written agreement from us first. This does not mean in itself that a license fee or payment would automatically be required. We feel that this has not been clear in the past however.

The new agreement sets out to clarify the terms under which our software may be used and places in writing the requirement that anyone using or wishing to use it for financial reward needs to contact us and obtain our agreement in the form of a Commercial License. We reserve the right to make a charge for commercial use. However we are not (at this time) setting a specific amount or scale of charges. We will take each request individually. Our tools are and will continue to be primarily Freeware. This means that you may use them without charge. It does not mean they are open source or can be modified or used to create other similar tools. It just means that we charge zero. Some elements of our software may be payware although this is not the same thing as commercial use.

All use of our tools fall under this general agreement. We would ask that you download a copy and read it. If you do not feel able to abide by the terms then we would ask you to uninstall the software. If you are using any of our tools for financial gain then we would ask you to contact us so that we may agree the commercial license arrangements with you.

Contact directly jon AT

You may wonder why we are updating and making our agreement more formal. Our tools have, on the whole been very well received by the community - for which we are most grateful. Over time their use has grown and we feel it is right to ensure that we all have a clear understanding of how the software may be used.

The new agreement may be downloaded from

We appreciate your understanding. If there are any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Jon Masterson
ScruffyDuck Software
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