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Sdk Animation - Where'd My Wheels Go ??

Running Win 7 64bit Pro - 3dsmax 2009 32bit - Prepar3d v1.4 - 4747 - Sdk 4747 - Every thing is installed - and seems to be working - Exports into the Sim - Textures - Animations - Attach Points - Vc and Gauges - all show up in the Sim - However My Animations seem to have learned a New Trick ! - Propeller Animations Work fine - Shut the Engine down - Prop Stops - Start the Engine Up - Little Puff of Smoke - and We're Running - Wheel Animations - Kick the Brakes - Goose the Throttle - the Wheels Start to Turn Normally - Then at 12 Knots - They Disappear ?? - I have tried Reinstalling the Sdk - I have Tried Not Using the Animation Manager - By Giving the Wheel Objects the Name of the Animation - The Controls and Doors Seem to Animate Normally - Just the Wheels - any Ideas - Please ?? Johnman :confused:
Hey Paul,
Each Wheel has Two Objects - Still and Blurred.
Could it Be that the Blurred Animation is Not Showing up ?? - Because The Wheels Do Start to Turn - But Never Get Real Fast ??

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Johnman, did you remember to tag both _still and _blurred with the Attachpoint tool's Visibility? Select one of the _blurred wheel objects, right click and check to make certain that the visibility condition has been added correctly.
Hey Bill,
I think We're getting Somewhere - I did what I think You told Me to - With the Attach Point Tool - and now the Nose Wheel is Normal - The Left Wheel is NOT there - and the Rt Wheel does what it was doing - This May be Progress in a Reverse Direction ? - I'll fiddle with it more Later - Reread the SDK - and come back with what I come up with - could You expand a bit on the use of the Attach Point Tool - Much Appreciated - Johnman :cool:


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Okay, this is how you check objects to see what tags have been applied via the Attachpoint Tool. Select object in GMax/Max, right click on the screen and open the Object Properties. Click the "User Defined" tab and read the XML script. Note that this shows <Visibility name="l_tire_blurred_key"> defined:


Here is how the tag is applied with the Attachpoint Tool. With the object selected, open the Attach Point Tool, click on Visibility. Use the drop list to select the correct visibility tag, then click on the "Attach to selected geometry" button:
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Bingo Bill - You Nailed It -"We're RollinDownTheRunway - Thanks Again - Thought You Guys Might Like to What Its All About - My Symphony 160 - On The Runway in Ketchican AK - Need to Finnish Up Animations - Light'er Up - Then - On To The Paint Shop - YEEEE HAAAAAW - Johnman :):cool:

Symphony 160 1a.JPG