FSXA SDK crashing FSX?

HI Guys,
The dreaded SDK again I'm afraid.
I have installed the SDK, which in turn is showing the 'TOOLS' tab and therein the 'OPT' tab in FSX.
My problem is that as soon as I click on the OPT, it crashes and closes FSX.

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.
Still baffled

Hi Paul,
Thanks for your reply, it was much appreciated.

I did indeed read the post you refer to and I am still getting the same result.
The TOOLS tab is there, the OPT is there, but when I click on the OPT tab it just crashes FSX and closes.

Here is my dll.xml,

and here is my ADE Checker result,

I do hope someone can help with this, as I want to get down to some scenery design and editing.
Cheers for now
Hi Folks

Brian -
Look at your screenie for the ADE-Check dialog -

-- FSX - Version - value

-- FSX SDK - BGLComp Version - value

The two values SHOULD be the same versions.

Currently you've installed FSX Acceleration
with FSX SDK SP2, (should be FSX SDK Acceleration).

Great support and help.

Hi Paul,
Thank you for pointing out to me what was blatantly obvious.
I can only apologise.
I do thank you though, for getting me up and running again with the SDK.
I must have had a memory lapse, as I have installed the SDK before, so I don't know where I slipped up.
I do tend to install stuff when I'm a little tired, so I must have skipped a couple of lines from the help files.

Thanks again, your help is much appreciated.
Hi Brian

No worries.

Version and path errors
account for 99.9% of all user's SDK install problems.