I seem to be losing my SDK HTML's and I have uninstalled the SDK and re-installed. I had to install the sdk then the SDK SP1a. But I still don't have the mtml's that are in each catagory. Can someone tell me how to extract just the html's?
Hoe W.
OK ..... I uninstalled the SDK.
I then installed the SDK from the Disk 1.
I then installed the SP1a update for the SDK.
I then installed the Acceleration SDK.
Questions ..........
Was there a sp2 for acceleration?
Did I install in the right order?

Joe W.
Well ....... I have the tools and they work.
I still don't have HTML docs but to quote the instructions as per the above link:

RTM, SP1 and SP1a documentation is supplied in html format, with each folder containing the relevant html file(s).

SP2 documentation is supplied in chm format, as a single compiled html file, fsxsdk.chm.
Located by default in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDK\SDK

If your SDK is still in HTML format, rather than the Windows Help File format, (CHM),
then you have not installed SDK SP2.

Thanks ..... Looks like it's in right.
Joe W.
Well, my help file is in chm format. But I don't have accel. Did you uninstall completely? If there is an sdk file in application data, did you delete that?

Bobbyjack .... I took it all out. ..... no SDK!
Then reinstalled.....
That's what you are supposed to have .. a *.chm format file. If you double click that it should open as this is MS's default help format. That is the new documents... I had that and went thru all that trouble for nothing. Just d-click on it!

Joe W