SDSX design document for 3D models added to the wiki

I have added an initial design page on the Wiki here:

so far it only contains the document for 3D models (it is the same as I discussed with you Arno, except I moved the LevelOfDetail around so it is simply a conditional display option like everything else).

Noticed I have not wasted my life adding methods, fields, etc to the class diagram, and I do not see the need for such detail - it would just duplicate something that can as well be expressed in actual source code.

I am aware the information I provide with the class diagram is not enough, but I do not know exactly which parts people would find unclear. So please have a look, and post any questions here - then I'll update the wiki with details as required and we should get the details we need, instead of a 100 page document with trivialities everyone would know anyway.

If you have any suggestions to a different (and potentially better) domain model please post it here on the forum.
Hmm, I am starting a discussion with myself now - Currently the DisplayCondition is a property on all "Part" objects, while the transform is only available on the PartContainer. This is inconsistent, so I think the transform should be moved to the Part - it should be as easy to implement, and will limit the need for PartContainers consisting of a single part.