Seasonal textures

I am placing autogen trees using ADE and the Forest Placement Tool but I notice the trees I place are not changing with the seasons. I notice in ADE there are several trees listed for a given size and type. One for each season and then one that doesn't list a season. I picked the one without a season in ADE. How do I select autogen trees that will change with the season? It looks kind of funny now with fall foliage on all the trees except the ones I placed. Thanks in advance for the help.
The above methods you reported using involve placement of vegetation scenery library objects via BGLComp-XML-type BGLs; this method does not allow the FS rendering engine to swap seasonal textures. :alert:

In order to have textures for 3D vegetation objects change with the seasons, one must instead use placement of scenery library objects via Autogen-XML-type *an.agn files created via FS / P3D Autogen SDK compiler. :pushpin:


Autogen-XML-type *an.agn files must be within a:

* \Texture sub-folder paired with a local:

* \Scenery sub-folder that contains the custom photo-real aerial imagery land class BGL that the Autogen objects are mapped to

Both of the above local paired sub-folders must be contained within a:

* Top-folder chain linked to a 'active' Area layer in the FS Scenery Library GUI stack of layers.


If using only small areas of custom photo-real aerial imagery, one may wish to use the FS / P3D Autogen SDK Annotator utility.

For larger areas, one may wish to use ScenProc with either downloaded OSM data, or via vegetation detection and autogen vegetation object placement derived from processing GeoTIFFs of the source data used to create one's custom photo-real aerial imagery. :wizard:

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Gary, I am trying to use the annotator utility as this is just a small area around a small airport. I can create the .agn files and it is my understanding that I am to place those in the texture folder of the airport that I am working on but it doesn't appear that the autogen is actually there when I go to the sim.
Okay maybe they are. On my development computer I had autogen turned down quite a bit. I turned that up and now I see additional trees. Thanks again for all the help Gary.