Seeking a good distributor...

I was curious to hear from other developers what distributors/publishers they have had a good experience with? Probably more importantly is also which ones they have not had a pleasant experience. If it's beyond constructive criticism then I would suggest a private message would be more appropriate to me rather than have this thread go South. ;)

Seems I find some developers work with distributors for a length of time and then end up creating their own sites and "baskets" to sell their ware. Seems pros and cons on that one too. Any input would be invites as we approach this process ourselves.
Clutch, what are you coming out with? Airplane? Scenery? Other?

You can package your work and sell through vendors. I sell through about 6 different vendors around the globe. FlightShop at, SimMarket, PCAviator are three good top vendors. You can also sell through PayLoadz which you can more easily monitor. Perhaps that could be a good launching point.

One thing, when doing it alone is, you have to create screenshots, press releases, handle trouble shooting, emails where people need help, etc. That is 50% of it, support. If you get most all of the bugs out, you should have fairly smooth sailing.

If you are trying to have someone take over your package for you and you collect a royalty, I am sure several teams are into that. I have thought of being a handler for other developers. Even to the point of teaching people so they can learn to make planes well. Then later if they dont want to stay on the team, they can leave and create their own.

Good insight Bill. Those are well-known names. I see you are using the "shotgun" approach to spread your superb addons. How you keep track of so many vendors, ha! Mine is a scenery addon I have been quietly been working on for several years. Yea, creating one's own website, forums, support can take up all your development time plus when releasing one's own first payware item hardly seems worth the effort. But man, those sites want a really big slice of the pie! I'll take a look at PayLoadz to see what that's all about... maybe something like DigitalRiver...

Anybody else?