Set of gauges run for all aircraft without panel.cfg entries?


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After the release of the Damage Mod v2.0 for the Islander, I am wondering about an universal Damage Mod that would fit most, if not all, airplanes.
The damage mod falls into a lot of XML gauges (about 50), what would make install all of them into each panel.cfg a real pain in the arse.
That's why I would like to know if there is any way to automatically run a gauge set irrespective of the selected airplane.
Thanks for your help!


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This is really the sort of thing that should be done with a dll module. With gauges (even C gauges) the only way they run is if they are listed in panel.cfg.


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Thank you Doug for your reply.
So I guess I'll have to merge gauges to get an acceptable amount of lines to be added to the panel.cfg. Should be doable.
gauges: would run on specific aircraft it attached
module: would be running all the time, which aircraft (or other) needed or not


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If you merge your gauges, mind the 50 KByte limit when using FSX syntax. FS9 syntax is unlimited.