P3D v4 Setting up 3DSMax and P3Dv4 correctly... issues

Trying to set up 3DSMax 2014 with P3Dv4 but it’s been around four years since I modeled with it so it feels like I am starting from scratch. Could use a few pointers as I am getting several errors as I try to setup properly. Reading many pages of the FSDeveloper Max forums I was able to set up the path correctly using the P3Dv SDK and selecting 3DSM2014_x64 folder.

1. In starting Max I get the following error “Failed to load AcesDocumentation.ms”. Do I just skip this warning or what do I need to perform to correct this? I do see the Prepar3D Tools tab now at the top.

2. I open my simple light model from years ago and it looks good and textured. I go to Max’s File Properties and under the Custom tab I made two entries:

Am I on the right track here?

3. I thought to export to an .x model I would use the ‘Export and LOA Tool’ from P3D drop down. Get the following error “ This tool is currently not supported”? Do not export this way?

4. So I try using Max’s Export’s and select ‘Prepar3Dv4 DirectX File(*.x)’ as file type. Following error messages: “Failed loading animation definition file” (I have no animation). But it seems to export. Dropped into MCX but did not see anything. Do I need to convert first to a mdl?

Heeeelp! Clutch
To those interested or may come across having similar issues I found the solution. I discovered I had "moved" my P3Dv4 SDK from another location as opposed to actually installing the SDK. That resolved all my above mentioned issues.
I was going to say, it works fairly easy for me with the P3D SDK. I keep mine on C: drive in its own Lockheed Martin directory instead of putting them in their suggested Program Files folder.

Glad you got it working ok.

For others, go in 3ds Max, go into Customize / Configure System Paths / 3rd Party Plugins / ....and click Add and locate the version of Max in your P3D section, the 'Plugins' folder. Name the 3rd Party Plugin Routing before saving, such as 'Prepar3D Export.'

To export a scene (plane, etc), go to Export / Export selected / save as... and find Prepar3D format (bottom of the list). Earlier versions of the P3D SDK will show FSX's oringinal format as your export option. (I forget what they called it... sigh.... ).
Yea, the last time I messed with it was back with P3Dv2! Lot's to catch up :p

Hey, (changing subject), I saw this news posted a week or so ago and all I could do was think of you.

"Aerosoft has officially cancelled its highly anticipated PC-6 B2-H4 ‘Turbo Porter’ 4X project after four years of development."

All I could think of is how you would do justice to this iconic aircraft. Just thought I would through it out there. ;)
I wonder if the company told them they couldnt launch it?

Could also be that the team fell apart.

When I was a kid, I loved these things. They reminded me of a modernized Fairchild 24.