Setting Up Runways for AI

Got a question ive wanted to understand for awhile now.

LEPA and EGLL are my two examples as they both have 2 runways.

I am working on the Simwings LEPA airport and the ADE with the scenery seems to allow landings and takeoffs at the same time on both 6L and 6R. This means departing traffic ends up waiting and in many cases timing out while they wait to catch a break to taxi into position and takeoff.

So i want to improve this and make 6L the landing runway and make 6R the takeoff runway OR vice versa at the other end 24L for landing and 24R for takeoffs.

In ADE how do i correctly set this up?

Ive double clicked runway 6L/24R and on the pattern tab set:

Primary - Takeoff to No, Landing to Yes
Secondary - Takeoff to No, Landing to Yes

Ive double clicked runway 6R/24L and on the pattern tab set:

Primary - Takeoff to Yes, Landing to No
Secondary - Takeoff to Yes, Landing to No

I would assume Heathrow would be the same process
the setup is correct for what you are trying to achieve, have you tested this setup?
what you do for one "runway end" needs to be the same for the other end exactly as you have,
if you wish to go one more step you can even remove the starts for 6L/24R, but the user aircraft will not be offered this start position
just keep in mind any ILS associated with a runway needs another runway to be in use for landing, or the closed runway will be ignored and aircraft will land regardless
those busy airports will now probably get a lot more go arounds with only one runway operating for landing
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