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P3D v4 SH Malta Complete - RELEASED

Actually, I almost cancelled the project after I realized why nobody does Malta.

There is nothing correct with the Sim on Malta, the LC from OrbX is very simplified. Aerial photos provide for autogenl suppression outside and the place lies in all variants on a more or less ugly plateau.

Here is the previous AS Airport . There the autogen suppression is hidden in such a way that one has declared everything as crops LC

I pondered and tested for a long time and now I have my concept together in the Alpha Stadium.

- Malta International is available for the Airliners
- For the VFR friends there is in addition under the ICAO (fictitious) LMMW the harbour with a heliport and a water landing place.
- The sceneries are not mutually dependent
- The sceneries are compatible with Prealsoft HD Malta (but then have less autogen, because I mainly added vegetation).
- The sceneries are compatible with FTX Global, Open LC and Vector.
- The corresponding requirements, aerial photos, autogen, LC , new mesh including altitude correction I have already created.

This is how it looks (all alpha )


RW 5



Area LMMW (fictiv)

Planned working time approx. 6 months - >Easter 2019 Release

There will be intermediate images when complete areas are ready, the next ones when the airport is fully flightable. The concept will also be finished if someone should release a payware airport after all. On my request here in the Forum nobody contacted me.

My project is how ever for free.
If you really want to build Malta, you'll quickly end up with autogen. Around the airfield there are 5 small villages that look quite modest with autogen and don't really create a feeling. I build the complete city models in a simplified style, but with original textures from Malta.

I start with Gudja, located directly at the Apron 9.

Gudja view from Gate 98

Gudja overview

The performance is not affected more by this than by autogen, actually not at all.
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The first city - Gudja - is now completely finished including night lighting

Gudja Day

Gudja Night

The entire city manages with 14 drawcalls and does not generate any load.

Now we continue with the city Luqa.
Golly, that's a lot of work! Respectfulness

Yesterday was just a clip. Today the whole city is now finished

Luqa complete Day

Luqa Night

Luqa Centrum with church at night.

The church and the square is illuminated with dynamic light.

Furthermore SH Slim Lights Europe South are installed.

Also this city has only 17 Drawcalls (without church model) and no influence on the frames.
Golly, that's a lot of work! Respectfulness

Yesterday was just a clip. Today the whole city is now finished

Luqa complete Day

Luqa Night

Luqa Centrum with church at night.

The church and the square is illuminated with dynamic light.

Furthermore SH Slim Lights Europe South are installed.

Also this city has only 17 Drawcalls (without church model) and no influence on the frames.
Woah, how did you make that? I mean, how did you create a city without using autogen? Its beautiful. I also need to do a city for my LEZL airport...
Very good work with the airport btw :)
Use Sketchup

1. Import Geophoto as Ground
2. Go to Google Streetview for Images. Best variant with Multimonitors for capturing ( End Size for Texture 1024x1024 or 1024 x 512)
3. Make your Models on Ground
4. Place one Image exact in a little vertical segment
5. Remove all vertical lines and edges in model (smooth function)
6. Pick the segment Texture and fill new

You will get a surrounding texture like autogen with only one drawcall for all the same elements.
My city has 10 to 15 different Images and 2 roof textures.

Note: this is good for flying (also VFR) , but not for visit with avatar.... but better view then autogen
The texture Placement is a little bit tricky with many work.

Usable with blocks between the main streets. (see pictures above)

Last place the vegetation with annotator and Poi s with ADE
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In the forum (german) the entire development can be followed at any time also by guests.

Today there is a somewhat longer contribution for those interested in the development.

The airport itself will be quite heavy in the final stages. So you can see that you shouldn't waste too much performance on the environment. It may be that many don't think about it, but I do. That's why I build the environment first.

The problem with the airport is that there are four cities and two industrial areas around the runway, which look quite modest with autogen, or to be precise ugly and unreal.

My idea is to build low poly cities that don't need frames, but at the same time look better than autogen.

All four cities are now finished and have no influence on the performance. Since there are hardly any coloured roofs in Malta (in contrast to Cyprus or Greece) I took them out again. Malta from above looks with the exception of the historical buildings quite dirty and also dull grey, as far as the buildings are concerned.

If one wanted to build each house individually, this would be a life task, which is why I have chosen whole complexes that at least fit in harmoniously and also have real facades from Malta.

Here now Kirkop left the Runway 23 in only 150m height (Prepar3D v4.4 pleases me more and more)



At night, the SH Slim Lights Europe also come into their own here.

At the edge of Kirkop there is a multigas plant which produces medical gases , towards the runway.

This is also indispensable as POI and must have at least recognition value during the approach.

To achieve this and to stay with Low Poly, I have taken the "trick box". On the substructure is the original photo and is overlaid with its own pipe system



Even from a height of 80m this is still usable and achieves an amazing effect during a normal flyby.

Since I also have the harbour in the final stage and would like to set up a fictitious water landing site there, I will probably first build the three other places there and see what the simulator has to say about it.

How it works I know now .

The frames I need for the airport and I want to do without as little as possible.

This all will be Freeware
Hello, Rainer,
the port of Valetta isn't exactly small. Some ships can be accommodated there. Without question, Henrik has the much greater choice when it comes to seagoing vessels.
If Henrik makes his ships available, a lot of routes can be built in.
The shipping traffic could then be integrated into the global AI shipping traffic (or would you rather integrate this traffic into your scenery?).
You can also ask me I happily lend you some low impact static ships also. Your project looks great.
Hello Henrik,
If i have the environment finished , I will contact you. For the scenery, it would be nice if there were traffic between Valetta harbor and the oil port and some static ships outside or mixed.
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