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P3D v4 SH Malta Complete - RELEASED

The islands Malta, Gozo and Comino are now completed. I am already working on the airport buildings of Luqa.

In the meantime I made a video for you, which shows the design of the main island Malta including all POIs.

A more detailed conversion of the island did not and does not exist at present in the simulator.

About 260,000 buildings and countless trees were realistically placed. All streets are additionally provided with alley trees. In addition, of course, the POIs in all directions of approach, as well as a harmonious night design.

Convince yourself (running time 7 min.)

Have fun watching and already beautiful Whitsuntide
So today we have something to look at again. Not a future trailer from Microsoft, but real from Simmershome. Certainly not so nice, but guaranteed free of charge.

I finished the buildings of the Lufthansa Area in the front area and also the front buildings of the Apron 3.

Picture 1 Apron 3

Picture 2 LH Backside

Picture 3 ( Near 1)

Picture 4 (Near 2)

Picture 5 (near 3)

Picture 6 (Detail Texturing)

Today I can show you the whole finished area with vegetation (you wouldn't believe what it does) along Runway 5 up to Apron 3. (Light is still missing, that will be tomorrow)

Overview LH area with vegetation

This is where Payware ends. But there are still some things I don't want to do without, because you roll past the RWY 5.

Overview complete

Also today again some details of the Outside area


Detail 2

Detail 3


I think when I'm lit up it, I can show it on the weekend.
Rainer, this is gonna be a hell of a scenery. I think Malta will be THE main destination for many simulator pilots in the future.
Manfred, I hope so..

But I have to admit, I also test there what I could learn in the last years (with great thanks to this forum).
I could also build every footpath, every street and every mailbox. However, since I build everything on my own, I might be ready in three years or so.

I've been attacked a lot because I claim that it's nice and easy to only build airports where someone else has already done the groundwork. But it's definitely like that.

At first I was a bit unhappy that Payware was there before me.
In reality it is much easier to look at the other software in the sim, in all views and then build it yourself. Keeping an eye on Google Earth and correcting anything the other may have done wrong.

Whether Luqa has a completely different dimension and also the islands are there, I found Rhodes or Ercan, where there was nothing, much more difficult.
True, it helps a lot when someone else has built the same scenery before and you can see it from all directions.
Google Earth and Street View are also very helpful, but often the view you need is missing.
That's how I feel at the moment with the port of Hamburg, but luckily I can always go there if I lack the right view and see the thing in real life :)
Today I finished the building on the right side of the RWY 5 at the Apron 5. When you land on the RWY 5, you get, if possible, the first exit and roll past it.


Taxiway Apron 5

Parking 52

Bunker in background

Middle Part

Nightlighting 11

Nightlighting 2

The Apron 7 continues now and the current expansion goes into the beta phase.
Enough lazing around

On the west side of the RWY 31 something has changed again. The area of Apron 7 is finished. I don't want to keep the small gallery from you. Thanks to @holi51 you will receive the helicopter AI visible in the pictures along with shuttle plans between Luqa, Gozo and Comino. Before anyone asks, yes, the permits are available and they are real native converted P3D v4 models and flight plans.

In the meantime I have also tested extensively with the PMDG 737 in the 3D cockpit and this still brings 30 frames nailed to the surface with a resolution of 5120×1440 according to my vsync tutorial.

A small gallery with 10 more photos in 2520x1440px can be found at the website
I have completely reworked the ground of the whole of Malta. The strong blue cast is largely removed. At some beach sections in Valletta and in deep street canyons the thing is not to be come however with justifiable expenditure, since it comes from the shadow formation on the Photo images. Alternatively, I have others with a lower resolution, but that doesn't have to be the case, as much of the impression is lost there. Overall, the island is very harmonious. Here now Valleta

SIMMERSHOME "LIVING AIRPORT - Novelty in the freeware FS scene

First of all I would like to announce that @holi51 is now a developer at Simmershome. He is in charge of the whole AI and also this project.

In cooperation with Simworks Studios I can present you today our new animations, which are almost load-free. In Malta these will be freeware. I don't know any freeware that realizes this yet.
Thanks also to IndiaFoxtEcho Visual Simulations who allowed us to use the military avatars.

The functionality is very easy for the user. He only gets a dll via addon.cfg in which he can adjust the ingame settings (similar to Sode).
We have not been able to determine frame-relevant load despite extensive use so far.

Here is the first test video, because we don't want to keep you from us

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Today we have a picture again. Currently I am working on the SAFI Apron (northern part). The area itself has more buildings than some small Aiprort in total.

Here Medavia has her hangars. Two of the huge buildings are still on the left outside the picture . in the background you can see the small town Kirkop which is also available as a complete city model.

Here first of all the view in Goggle

and my current state of development in P3D v4

Next week the entire night lighting will be completed in addition to the southern part.

After that we continue to the right of Runway 31 in the order Apron 3 (GA) , Apron 8 (Cargo) and Apron 9 (Civil Terminal).

The release is planned for the beginning of December.