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P3D v4 SH Malta Complete - RELEASED

Today I have corrected the hangar with the current SR Technics logo and the correctly aligned ground polygon for you (after a hint).

The last hangar on the south side of Safi Apron is now finished as well.


My implementation in FS

Tomorrow comes the night lighting (textures and dyn lights) and completion of the vegetation. After that there will be pictures of the whole complex
Today there is a small view into the workshop.

The basic model of the Apron 1/2 is premodeled and placed.

The following are the final modelling and texturing steps
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For Groundpoly I use ADE and background foto image. Placed is with SODE. This Poly has two parts one with normal conditions, and another for wet conditions with PBR.
Little change of plans. To adjust the traffic in parallel, I continue with the pre-models.

Here you can see the placed and fitted model of the Apron 8.

Next is the model of the area on the right, between Apron 8 and Apron 9.
Today I have for you the pre-model left of the Apron 9 and a complete overview east of the RWY 31..

Next week I will build the buildings at Apron 9 including the terminal and then I will be on holiday for the rest of the month.

In October I do the fine modeling and texturing.
What a lot of building stuff - hope you will bear up to get it to the end (written from my own experience lol....)
Today we give you an insight into the current status of Apron 8, which is also the base of many of SH Living Airport's vehicles.

Fire rescue, tank trucks, FolowMe cars, catering and other service vehicles take their way from here via the extended airport roads to the aprons.
On the left, faithful to the lane and equipped with sound, so that you can already hear from which direction a vehicle is coming.
The animated buses and baggage carts are stationed at Apron 9.
The military vehicles at the SAFI Apron and construction vehicles in the mining area and on the construction sites.

Everything is controlled in 5 levels with the dll from Simworks ingame. While the traffic is in levels 1-3, Living People will be in levels 4 and 5.
Depending on the performance of the PC, everything can be fine-tuned and switched on or off without interrupting the simulation.

As you know, we at Aerosoft had written permission to use their avatars. Unfortunately Mr. Christian Bahr (Bahrometrix) as the original developer intervened so much against the use of Simmershome that Aerosoft withdrew this permission with regret.

But that won't have any effect, because we have other animations and I put them in my own pocket again and bought about 50 more People Animation licenses for you.

It still remains freeware.

This means that older Simmershome sceneries will also be upgraded in a future update.

Many thanks to Holger (Holi51) who took over this part (Living Airport and AI).

In the near future there will be a new video about Living Airport which also shows all adjustments.

Two representative pictures of the Apron 8 (WIP)

Picture 1

Picture 2

Well, it's growing slowly but steadily.;)
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Today there are again moving pictures with the overall concept of animations in Malta.

And of course there is much more to see from the airport. It is worth to invest the 7 minutes time.

As you could read yesterday, we had to make some changes and will certainly continue to work on it until the release.

Anyway, there is no place at the airport where you could fall asleep.
Don't worry the frames are still right, even though I recorded with extremely high settings because I want to show everything.

Have fun watching.

Today I got my licenses for the animated people. Even if it cost money, but no more begging to use something, it's a great feeling. And you can't do everything yourself. Someday there will be a release. I give it to you gladly, particularly since I can use it everywhere now.

The work on Apron 8 is twice as good.

Here a first preview picture

I think I can finish this section in the middle of next week.

Many thanks also to Manfred ( @Fischkopp ] ) from simdocks.de, whose ships I am also allowed to build directly. There comes still real life to Valetta.