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Shadows on ground polys

I have a strange problem with my scenery. I have made my ground (ground, runway, taxiways, markings, dirt at separte layers) with fs2k2 style code and it works good.
Then, I've added AFCAD to harden some surfaces, but I've noticed that MY aircraft shadow (note that AI are working well) disappears over the polys wich have AFCAD polys under them.. as soon as I move over grass (or any part I haven't hardened) the shadow reapperars. I think that my shadows casts over AFCAD polys, but I can't see it because ground polys are covering them.
I've also tried the platform way. I've placed cloned my concrete and asphalt polys, raise 1cm height (in gmax) and run AttachTool. The I've modified AFCAD deleting all the polygons I've added to harden. They works good, but not on the runway..wich I can't delete in AFCAD or my AI planes will probably get lost :D..I'm getting lost too :confused:

PS: all ground polys in gmax are at 0 height, the area is flattend with FSTflatten at 186.0 meters using Area16N method, AFCAD (both runway and file properties) is at 186.0 meters (I've have already tried to raise or lower it a bit, but nothing changes)