FSX:SE Shockwave Truck

I would like to share my progress with you guys . A year ago I made my first post to ask about afterburner and smoke FXs, but it was surely just the tip of the iceberg. There are quite a few things that I needed to learn before, not only the ones related to modeling but also how to handle the files within FSX, creating the paint kit, textures, including each map (specular, bump, roughness), mesh optimization, and so on. I still need to polish my skills but it's part of the process and in the meanwhile I am definitely enjoying the ride. I'm also moving from 3ds Max to Blender, my actual workflow uses both softwares but the goal is to use only Blender. I'm almost done with the exterior, there are only some minor textures and material adjustments left. Next week I hope to have some time to start with the virtual cockpit, which will be done completely in Blender. I'll keep you informed.

Weekend update. Added missing textures to roof lights and fuel lines. Some minor improvements in the bump maps like distortions of sheet metal in the tail section and new rivets. Two new side cameras were defined in the config file. Finally, I started working on the interior using Blender 2.8.



SWT_cam_1.PNG SWT_cam_2.PNG SWT_n1.PNG SWT_n2.PNG SWT_int_2.PNG
Working on the textures at the moment. They are almost ready, only some minor details are still missing. After that I will work with the gauges and the setup of the VC.




SWT_int_tex_4.png SWT_int_tex_5.png