FSXA Shoreline across the sea?

Hi friends, today I flew from PAJN (Alaska) to NorthWest and found across the sea a shoreline (? i think so). I tried to exclude this thing with SBuilderX and partly it works. But I can't get rid of this FSX generated issue. What can I do else? Coordinates are about Lat N58° 39.98' and Long W134°59.98. I have addons there.


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Hi Christian,

that's the infamous shoreline in no-man's-land, which has befuddled quite a few developers over the years. It's a rogue shoreline vector in the file \Scenery\0101\scenery\cvx1111.bgl; load the file into TMFViewer and disable polygon display and you'll spot the vector at the upper right edge crossing Lynn Canal.

As you've noticed it cannot be excluded, regardless of exclusion polygon type or extent. I suspect that it's a bug in the exclusion code that doesn't detect a vector if it sits exactly along a QMID7 grid boundary (those default cvx... files are split along those QMID7 boundaries). Moreover, all vector and polygon input data get auto-split along QMID11 grid boundaries (and thus also QMID7) by the Shp2Vec.exe compiler meaning even if your exclusion polygon in SBX fully covers the rogue shoreline vector the compiled bgl will also have your exclusion poly split in half by the QMID7 boundary. You can check that in TMFViewer by deactivating the "fill" option for polygon display, which exposes the boundaries of the actual polygons that Shp2Vec created.

Our work-around with FTX Southern Alaska was to place a narrow strip of photoreal water across the rogue shoreline, which suppresses its display. Since our product also includes custom waterclass coverage plus textures we knew exactly what hue/lightness to choose for the photoreal water.

Alternatively, cvx_extractor has since been released by Patrick Germain so one could probably decompile the default cvx1111.bgl and re-compile a fixed version, at least for private use.


Cheers, Holger
Hi Holger,
thank you very much for your extensive answer. Now I understand the failing of my attempt to exclude the shorline.
I am not so familiar to your suggestions to solve this issue. But I am thankful for the explanation.