FSXA Shortcut to add LODs to existing models?


I've created several (13) variations of runway and taxiway lighting fixtures for use in my scenery. At present, I have only one LOD per model, and it includes a fully 3D light fixture as well as the required BGL_LIGHTs.

Here's the process I've followed so far:

1) Created the model in 3ds Max 8
2) Exported to .x
3) Ran FS2004 MakeMDL and saved the source files
4) Tweaked the .asm for conditional display (separation planes and TOD)
5) Compiled with BGLC_9 and renamed to .mdl
6) Added all models to a library using LibraryCreatorXML
7) Used Whisplacer to place several hundred instances of these objects.

My question is, can I go back and create several LODs in order to reduce the view distance of the 3D fixtures, while leaving the BGL_LIGHTs unaffected?

Is there a way to call these additional LOD models by adding additional tweaks to the existing .asm files, or must I re-export and re-tweak everything?

If I change the models, and substitute them for the "old" ones in the library .bgl, will my objects still appear correctly in Whisplacer? In FSX?

I'm hoping that I can go back and replace the models without having to redo all the placement I've already done. For one runway alone, I manually placed more than 400 light objects...

Any suggestions?

And one bonus question:

Is it possible to use some sort of SCALE tweak to affect only the size of the BGL_LIGHTs, withou affecting the 3D portion of the model? The BGL_LIGHTs are quite large, and I'd really like to be able to tone them down. Has anyone tried something similar?

Thank you!



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Hi Nick,

If you make sure the GUIDs in your library don't change they will for sure appear correctly in FS after updating the library objects.

I don't think you can scale the light dot with any command.

If the only thing you want to tweak is some viewing distances, then it should be well possible to do that in the ASM code without exporting again. That would be a few checks.

If you really want to add LODs with different geometries, etc. Then it will be easier to do it in GMax and export everthing again. That would mean you have to tweak again (that is why it is normally best to tweak when the geometry is finished).