Shp files into FS9?

I would like to create some vector scenery for NZ since the Red Baron Topo is no longer available. Is there a good way to import GIS vector data - such as a shapefile or osm format vector dataset - into FS9?

I've done some small looking around for that sort of thing. It appears all the tools to do that are built for FSX.


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I think sbuilder for fs2004 can also import shapefiles if I remember correctly. So then you can make vtp scenery out of it.

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Thanks for reminding us about that other excellent resource for getting vector data into SBuilder for FS9 via "Polish MP", Dick ! ;)

Additional info on GpsMapEdit (aka MapEdit) is here:

Using GPSMapEdit:

MapEdit - YouTube - "Make a polish map" by Trantin84 - MAPEDIT1_avi

NOTE: As shown in the above video, "GPSMapEdit / MapEdit" seems to offer easier vector editing than SBuilder, Google Earth, and Global Mapper's 'digital tools' ! :eek:

FYI: Some info on options for "Polish MP file" conversion to SHP (for use in SBuilder for FSX aka "SBuilderX"):

PS: One can also generate vector content using Google Earth and convert the KML file (inside the ZIP format wrapper of the KMZ file) to a BLN file, using Dick's "KML2BLN" as discussed and linked to this thread

The BLN file can then be "Appended" to SBuilder for FS9. :idea:

Hope this helps ! :)

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Thank you all! I've now got my shapefiles nominally in a format SBuilder can read.
However, I am having a problem with that. SBuilder is going through the motions of appending my mp format lines, but then actually displaying nothing. I can't find any features by searching for them by name, either, so it's as if nothing actually got done...
Hi again:

Did you:

* Set your SBuilder workspace to a location within the geographic coordinates of the "Appended" area via SBuilder's "Go To Position" View menu option ?

...or by:

* Connecting SBuilder to FS9 and positioning your aircraft to a location within the geographic coordinates of the "Appended" area via the "Go To Position" and "Show Aircraft" View menu options ?

...or by:

* Editing SBuilder.ini file to set your SBuilder workspace to a start-up location within the geographic coordinates of the "Appended" area ?

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