Simconnect & Java

Hi folks,

I know Java is not a very popular language among flightsim developpers :D and this won't interest so much people, but I've developed a small client library to use simconnect in java. The first beta version is available at :

It is a complete reimplementation of the protocol, so it may not be fully functional yet. I still have to figure out some facts about port numbers.

Thanks for your impressions :cool:

All I have to say is: THANK YOU :cool:

I am a java developer by day and I've actually been looking for a java bridge to simconnect. Just loaded your library into my IDE, and ran your AIObjects sample and was amazed.

Looking forward to more updates! Excellent work! :)

Absolutely brilliant!!!!!!!!! I'm testing it out now with FSX Planner to see how it works with integrating that into FSX.


Question - I am continually getting a Connection Timout Error. I've tried this from a remote computer and from the one runnning FSX, and I am not able to get it to connect. Any ideas on what the problem may be? If you need additional info, please ask for it.

Thanks in advance.

Ok -I got it to work on the smae computer as FSX, but not remotely. However I think that might have to do with my firewall settings and not the API.