SimConnect_MapInputEventToClientEvent() - SDK description error.

In the SimConnect SDK for SimConnect_MapInputEventToClientEvent(), the following is stated:

"If joystick axis, rotation or slider events are requested, then an event is transmitted for these six times per second whether the joystick is actually moved or not, unless the value for these is zero, in which case events are not transmitted until the joystick is moved from this position."

This appears to be incorrect. I get no notifications once the stick has stopped moving, regardless of what position it is held in, (not just zero position.)

It would be good if it worked as described because when an aircraft is loaded, the gauges for throttle, mixtures, etc. do not have any awareness of current axis positions until it is moved so cannot be set to the current position of the axes upon started and may confuse the user.

i.e. User's throttle may be at max, but unscreen representation will show zero. So when engine is started, it runs off down the runway of its own accord.