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The year 2018 is coming, time to look into my plans.

2018 will be all about Cyprus. I intend to realize all the airports there and thus for the first time to provide a complete Cyprus in P3D 4 as freeware. I have the project in mind for some time.

The airports in turn:
Overview map:


The airport is located in the southeast of Cyprus and is served internationally.

The airport was from Aerosoft for the FSX. A statement, whether this comes in P3D v4 I do not know. In this case, I build it exceptionally but anyway, because this freeware project should be complete.

Target group Airliner


The airport is located in the southwest of the island and is served internationally.

This airport does not exist yet and will be fully expanded for the first time in P3D v4.

Target group Airliner

RAF Akrotiri

A complete implementation is not known to me.

In the south of Cyprus lies the Akrotiri peninsula, which is the British exclave. There is the same airport of the RAF and is used as an airbase exclusively military.

Target group Military


An implementation is not known to me yet.

The airport is south of Nicosia and was Airbase. The runway is removed except for a remaining piece of 550 m. I will implement it as a "bush airfield".

Target group bush pilots


An implementation is not known to me yet.

The regional airport is located in the northeast of the Turkish part of Cyprus and is used for military and civilian purposes.

Target group Airliner and Tuboprop


This airport is not available in the simulator as a selection.

It was built in the Turkish north of the island northeast of Nicosia as a "substitute airport" and is internationally controversial. The flights are probably only about Turkey.

Target group Ailiner, turboprop

In which order I build and publish the airports is not fixed yet. Also no concrete date. But for all there are the complete aerial photos including mesh, Landclass and Waterclass

To be seen in the gallery on my website


Update :

The first Airport will be Paphos LCPH

For the first time I will build a complete airport with 7cm / px resolution. The aerial photos were elaborately edited and optimized so that there are no 2 GB ... no 1 GB ... but only 500 MB. They already have seasons, night image and Auto LOD maximum LOD 19 at the setting 7cm in the sim. The result can be seen loosely and fits almost perfectly in FTX Open LC / GEP3D. Since Open LC has the same color as FTX Global, the latter should fit.

Szenery Photos (WIP)


75 m over Taxiway

Other 75 m over Ground

Nice work on Paphos, the greenest part of the island! If you need any photos of Larnaca let me know. I live 5 minutes from the fence. I will also be in Paphos in ~1 month from now in case you want supplementary reference.
Nice work on Paphos, the greenest part of the island! If you need any photos of Larnaca let me know. I live 5 minutes from the fence. I will also be in Paphos in ~1 month from now in case you want supplementary reference.
I would be happy about pictures of Larnacar
You have missed three airfields off your list. One is Kingsfield LCRE , in the eastern Sovereign Base area. The second is Ilker Karter LCIK, the HQ base for the Turkish army in Cyprus, northwest of Nicosia. The third is Nicosia, which is no longer in use but still exists as a visible entity. There is also a glider field for a club that recently relocated from Kingsfield to a site just west of Nicosia; "airfield" is too grand a name for it's dirt track runway though there are plans for improvement.
Ercan was originally an RAF field, and the flights to and from there now are all routed "through" a Turkish airport so that flights can be considered as only being between Ercan and Turkey even if all the passengers are from Germany.
The hold shorts at Paphos (and other airports too) are located much further back from the runways than you have them in the pic, around 100 metres from the runway edge line. The hold short in the pic also appears to be wrong way around. If you want to be super accurate, the taxiway centre lights are not located in the centre line, they are offset.
Gecitkale is probably not in use for anything on a regular basis, and a visit showed no aircraft on the ground and that the flying club had left. It is definitely no longer in use for large aircraft as a major electrical transmission line now impedes a take off to the west.
Lakatamia is not in use for aircraft; I am told there is an occasional helicopter. I can be contacted by email if you have questions: rogwen at rogers dot com
Thank s for the hints. I know the Airfield list is not complete. Nicosia I don`t develop. Further this are WIP photos no release. If the holdings are to far from the runway you can get problems with the AI. The taxi centerline lights are on the line. Some will be corrected. For 1:1 Airport I have not enough materials. All is freeware and some is not real. Lakatamia e.g. will be available for bushpilots.
For me it is important that it is usable and that it is recognized by the majority again
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Paphos is the most fertile region of Cyprus and green accordingly.
Today, I have build the Nature and alone several thousand trees (at photoground) put down. Handplaced as Autogen

Nature 1

Nature 2

SH Cyprus Airports Paphos is expected to be released in March 2018. As always free as freeware. The military part is ready.

At the same time, a Holi P3D v4 addon will be released for GA and Military AI. In the video there is already a small preview for Cargo, Combat and Rotorcraft.


Today a little preview

Fuel Depots



The two major service hangars of Columbia and EDT are also finished



Furthermore, the military area was completed, except for the street lighting, and cleaned up the entire photoground



In the other areas, the aerial image is also cleaned up when the buidlings are finished.