P3D v4 Simmershome Slim Lights Europe - WIP

So far, all the lights solutions in P3D did not working satisfactory for me or were inperformant.

SH Slim Lights is a solution that I will gradually offer country by country first in Europe and also one that comes with high performance
Together with the Airport Ercan there are the Slim Lights for Cyprus as always for free.

Features SH Slim Lights

- high performance bgl lights
- 100% accurate based on OSM / GIS data
- multicolored
- separated into primary, secondary, tertiary and residential
- Configurator for switching off individual areas according to road type
- Countries available individually
- Compatible with all addons and aerial image scenes
- P3D v4 + only

Here are the pictures from Cyprus (WIP)

Picture 1 Airport Ercan direction Nicosia

Picture 2 Airport Ercan direction Nicosia

Picture 3 Nicosia Standard FL 160

Picture 4 Frametest with high configuration ( Sim and lights)

Picture 5 Nicosia Standard 1500 Ft

For industry and business another color is reserved, which will later be used as an update. As always, that costs nothing, except to sign up with me at forum.simmershome.de
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Like many others I use Open LC Lights from OrbX and there are good lights there. My addon is also made to work in combination and not overloaded. Open LC looks like a Las Vegas city and ends suddenly. Real it is not in all cases. My addon will change the abrupt crash here and continue with discreet lights.

here Kiel (Germany) with OLC Europe Lights

and here
Kiel with Open LC Lights and this Addon

Today cityscapes at a maximum test / stress with full AI and high settings for VFR with FTX GEN / GES. On my system still VFR capable with 25 frames minimum.
Combined with OLC Europe lights








There are extensive configuration options for every hardware
Here is a picture of the configurator

In Germany, almost 50 million light objects are installed at the end. Sorry for mistake in Configurator Headline , will be corrected.
Rainer, according to the pictures the tool is absolutely great
Well, that's a maximum test and not suitable for any hardware.
But in the end we will create a standard profile in the configurator, which can be used for most hardware. But with my I9 I can also fly over three screens, but there is already a lot of load there. The lights actually only hunt for 3-5 frames. But if you have only 20, that's 5 too many;)
It was tested with OrbX GES / GEN, which is not really needed at night.