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SH Slim Lights Europe South and America South released

Heute die Fortsetzung der World Edition mit Südeuropa und Südamerika

Europe South includes:

- Portugal, - Azores, - Spain, - Andorra, - Gibraltar

- Italy, - Malta, - Greece, - Serbia, - Bosnia-Herzogovina, - Montenegro, - Slovenia

- Croatia, - Kosovo, - Turkey

America South includes

the entire continent, as well as the Falkland Islands and Pacific Islands

At the same time, I introduced a new structure that reduces the layers.

Unfortunately, many layers in the Scenery.cfg were previously necessary because the configurator could evaluate only one config.xml.

Lars from 29Palms was so nice and provided me with a modified configurator. Thanks a lot for this!

There is also a single manual for the SlimLights, in which everything is explained

Manual NEW

Webseite Europe South

Webseite America South
With the World Edition of the Slim Lights, the development continues with Eastern Europe and Russia all the way to the Pacific.

Here two Pictures


and Tblissi

A complete gallery can be found on the website above in the preview (development)

Europa East + Russia will be released on 09/21/2018
This looks pretty good, the configuration tool looks easy to use, which is something I really like!
I think the whole world will be finished by Christmas. Currently I'm working on Northern Europe. Canada is already finished and in beta testing. After that I work at the USA and finally Asia. Asia is a big chunk
As announced, the Slim Lights for Europe East and all of Russia will be released on Friday One week later, Europe North and Canada and Greenland appear.

The Slim Lights USA are already in development and will be released in mid-October 2018 as a complete package.

Here is a preview of NY

After the USA I start with Asia.
Big Bag- Slim Lights Europe East + Russia und America Central released

Today there is a big chunk of slimlights. I packed for you Europe East and Russia from Kaliningrad to Vladivostock plus America Central and Mexico

Europe East contains :

  • -Belarus -Bulgaria -Georgia
  • -Hungary -Moldova -Romania -Ukraine

Russia contains:
  • Europe Regions complete
  • Asia Regions complete

America Central contains:

  • - Belize - Cuba - Guatemala -Haiti - Dominican Republic
  • - Jamaica - NIcaragua - Mexico - Caribbian Isles

Website with galery: Europe East Russia

Website with galery: America Central