SketchUp 2018: Previous versions Locations


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Hold on to your previous versions! Make sure you have a backup of any Previous Versions that you use.

The current & previous versions are web-oriented only unless you want the PRO version.
If you don't have a backup of the previous version that you are using, here is where you can obtain it at this time:


OR if you have the 2014 version (2014 is the last version for Windows XP):

For SketchUp 8 (also 32-bit OS version):
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Shaking my head in commiseration but no news here. ThePirateBay has taught these people to hold on to their software and Adobe has run with the whole thing, pretty sure in a few years everything of value will come with a monthly, or yearly subscription. They aren't stopping with the software either. For decades they have been trying to get us back to the whole console/mainframe mentality and along comes quantum computing to conveniently shove us into that paradigm. Anyons are just too dang expensive for the commoner to own, but since quantum entanglements are instantaneous, who cares if the computer you license space on is at the Microsoft headquarters, it's a growth model and you are losing money just doing the math, silly, you are computing more per hour than you ever were able to do owning that silly abacus, Lazarus, get with the future and start paying for the air you breathe!

Besides, browser based means I can model on my smartphone while flying the simulator, right?


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It makes no difference on how or why,... it just is. Someone once said, "No reason to debate anything like this,... because no one can change it, at least no one that is not associated with it...". It is no different than trying to change the weather. I'm just passing on the news,...

But yes,... since it is browser based, anyone with access can create as such (at least that is what Trimble has said).
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This is the link for Google Sketchup 8

Edit: Removed link for it no longer appears to be working.

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FWIW, I downloaded Sketchup Make 2017, Windows 64 Bit, from . It worked exactly as advertised:
If you choose to download SketchUp Make for a Trial Period, you will also be given access to SketchUp Pro functionality for the Trial Period for your evaluation purposes. Upon expiration of the Trial Period, the Software will automatically revert to SketchUp Make functionality only and the additional SketchUp Pro functionality will become inoperable.
(Point 2.6.1 of theTerms and Conditions).

All I had to do after the 30 days was to confirm I will not use it for commercial purposes. In other words the latest Make version appears to stay free for non-commercial use.



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Thanks Erik.....

As long as you download the previous version (prior to the current, 2018), you will be, ok.

Many thanks to Doug for his efforts keeping these Sketchup download links updated. :)

FYI: There are confirmed reports that Sketchup 2017 broke the "Combine Textures" feature, and it was never fixed.

Although Sketchup 2017 (64-Bit) is slightly enhanced, some may prefer using Sketchup 2016 (64-Bit):

: A forum thread and a web site with download links for Sketchup versions is here:

BTW: A updated URL for Sketchup version 8 (32-bit) to download direct from Trimble is here: ;)