SketchUp Buildings not to scale in ADE

I used FSEarthTiles to generate a base image to use for scale. Using it in ADE and in SketchUp so the scale is the same.


I export this as a .DAE, then import to ModelConverterX for textures, save as a P3D v4.4 mdl, then use LibraryCreatorX to make a library of it to use in ADE.

When I import into ADE, it is not at all the size it was showing in SketchUp.


Is this an error on my part? Is there something I am doing wrong? I used the same measurements in ADE and SketchUp. And don't mind those building textures, I am just messing around right now
Err...when I first load in, this happens...


After P3D sorts itself out, there is nothing where that building should be :/


What I did notice was that ADE is telling me the length of this area of the terminal is almost 700 feet, while SketchUp is telling me it's roughly 57 feet. What in the world did I mess up?




Resource contributor
You can save yourself a few steps and download terrain, as well as building footprints, directly into Sketchup using the Oob plugin. This reduces the chances for procedural errors.

Ahhh...just used that trick and now my terminal is the correct size in ADE. My next question is why it's not actually showing up in P3D....