Sketchup scenery design with shadows

Hello everyone, I would like to know how to add ground shadows on the sceneries you make with Sketchup, when I make a scene there isn't appearing any shadow in the airport, thank you


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How do you bring it into the sim? If you use ModelConverterX, do you have each Material in the Material Editor set to:

no shadow = FALSE


Which version of FS is this intended for... FSX or P3D ?

Is this a 3D object that is NOT a separate G-Poly, and which has the Sketchup 'shadow object' included as a part of the 3D model itself ?

Have you enabled "Ground Shadows" in FS Menu GUI ?

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Do you have any custom scenery installed that includes / covers the location at which you are placing these 3D objects ?

What FS utility are you using to place these 3D objects ?

Are these 3D objects being placed at 0 Meters AGL ?

Are you indicating that you are making textures for the location using 5 cm per pixel resolution imagery ?

If so, is it made via SDK Resample as custom photo-real land class, or is it instead made as a textured ground polygon (aka "G-Poly") using ModelConverterX ( aka "MCX") Ground Polygon Wizard, or ADE GP Editor ?


When a flat 3D model textured as Aprons / Taxiways is placed onto the terrain in FS, regardless of its thickness, its top surface will be displayed as a 'Ground Polygon' (aka "G-Poly").


In FSX, one assigns the 'Altitude' a MDL-based G-Poly is placed at relative to terrain mesh / airport flatten Altitude order to be visible.

And in FSX, if a FS2002 (aka "FS8") legacy format non-MDL G-Poly is used, it is placed at the exact altitude of the local terrain mesh / airport flatten, and its VTP 'Layer' must be assigned as a 'Positive' number in order to be visible.

Both of these MDL-based and non-MDL-based methods work in FSX.

But in P3D with MDL-based G-Polys, instead of assigning a 'Positive' VTP layer, one uses a "Negative" layer position number to represent the Z-sorting distance from the user aircraft AGL to the G-Poly surface ('negative' means less than the distance from the user aircraft camera to the underlying terrain surface) ...effectively causing the G-Poly to be displayed AGL.

These increments of distance, when interpreted as relative "layers", will determine whether shadows from user aircraft and IIUC, from 3D objects as 'Ground Shadows' ...can be displayed in FS at run time.

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