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FSXA SKMD Traffic, landing impossible

I tried SKMD (Medellin, Columbia) for AI-Traffic. The airport is laying in a big valley but the rounding mountains are very high. So it is not possible for AI-aircrafts to land because they are too high over the landing runway.
Landing with a pilotable aircraft is no problem but the AI-aircrafts don't sink in time. Is there a solution for this problem possible? I know many other airports with the same problem.


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The most you can do (by creating an ILS approach in ADE) is to:

1. Have the AI aircraft descend to a specific altitude, flying to a single waypoint (IAP) from all compass points
2. Turn to a heading you specify and begin their descent (constant rate descent to the runway).
3. Turn to the runway heading at the extended runway centerline.
4. Land on the runway.

If you cannot get them to miss the mountains with these limitations then it is not possible, AFAIK.
Thank you for answering.
In the meantime I added an ILS approach with ADE, but the AI-traffic dont use it. They try to land with the wind and not against!?
In such things my knowledge is too poor. How can I influence the altitude of an AI-aircraft "Have the AI aircraft descend to a specific altitude"?
"flying to a single waypoint (IAP) from all compass points" What is an IAP?
2. Turn to a heading you specify and begin their descent (constant rate descent to the runway). How can I do this?

I tried some other possibilities, but no luck. I don't wait for an answer any more. I studied the ADE Manual, but this section is too difficult for me;)
Thank you Guenther for answering.
I also watched the JS41 in my FSX. The default ANDEN scenery was for me too unrealistic and I bought the payware FSX_NEXTMap_World. The mountains there are very higher and so it is complicated for the AI aircraft to land if they are stronger and bigger. Yesterday I tried landing at SKMD with a AI-DHC3T and a AI-Cessna Grand Caravan without problems:cool:.
But thank you also for the link. I will try to understand:rolleyes:
I couldn't force the AI aircrafts to use the Rwy 20, they only use the Rwy 02.
As I said I use FSX_NEXTMap_World Columbia. The airport scenery I forget, but I think it must be an elderly one because there are AFX-files and many Columbian airports.
I tested both directions in FS9 by adjusting the wind direction and all is fine.
Hi, Guether, as I wrote in my first answer (#3) I tried to turn the winddirection, but with no effect.
Thank you for the link but Spanish is not my known language. With Latin, ancient and new Greek I would have no problems;).
I am using a freeware-scenery maybe from 2013 or 2014, Ican't really remember. Ididn't find it yet in the freeware scenery. I don't think it was 70 Colombia airports but something simillar.
I tried to turn the winddirection, but with no effect.

Check the runway properties with ADE.
Under Properties / Pattern takeoff and landing should be set to yes.

In FSX change the wind direction first and then select the airport.
This should also change the approach direction of the AI traffic.

If the change of wind direction was taken into account, you can already see if the user aircraft was placed at the correct runway end.
Thank you for answering,
Sorry but how can I change the wind direction before selecting the airport?
Normally I stand on an airport, check the weather and can change the direction between 0° to 180°.
It would work, but on the other site of the airport is also a mountain:eek:... and so the AI-aircrafts have only the way through. It is too bad.
Perhaps I have another idea...
Creating an ILS approach without an ILS could be a solution, but dont expect "Heavies" at SKMD.
I will have to test it.
Thank you for some tests. I read SKMD is be listed as a historic monument and is landable only by aircraft less as 4 tons. I don't like heavies but I have a lot of WOAI. I don't think a JS 41 is a "heavy".:)
I found some charts, there is no landing from the south. I suppose they were diverted to SKRG if the wind is wrong.

There are no other airlines as Satena and Easyfly with ac like atr42, atr72 and (perhaps ERJ 145 as AIG show in their Flightplans wintwer 19/20).
I am working on an approach for RWY 20 (my old scenery shows RWY19) and it looks quite fine. I have to install Satena and Easyfly and run further tests.
Perhaps this approach is usable in FSX too.
If you want to test it in FSX, here is my approach, a coarse coppy of the approach in the charts.
I could test it with a Satena ERJ145 without problems.
With starting, departing aircraft is nothing to improve, as far as I know.


  • SKMD_ADE9_HGS1_APR.zip
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I will test it soon, thank you.

Edit: Sorry, but it doesn't work. The SJ41 is searching for landing only at Rwy 02 against the winddirection and with the winddirection. It begins to sink much too late. 7 nm before the airport at level 3300 m and the level of the airport is 1499 m! I don't think the ERJ145 would it do better.
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There must not exist another approach or ILS besides my approach.
You added an ILS (or 2) on Thursday, delete them please.
If my approach is the only one, ATC and AI will use it.
The ATR72, ATR42 and ERJ145 will fly along the river valley. :)


It is hard to help as I have no FSX, but I can have a look into your AF2.., ADE.., AFX...bgl or what ever contains the airport.