Sloped Flatten Blend into FTX EU England Mesh

So, Gary, this is the new thread for this 'issue' for say, how do I continue to flatten the terrain?

Cheers, Ollie.
Hi Ollie:

Now that we are ready to proceed with the steps to make a much less complex version of a TIN surface as a CVX vector sloped flatten in SBuilderX, you will need to install a specific 'scenery utility' add-on aircraft into P3D.

Please download and install into P3Dv4.x:

The latest version of FSUIPC for P3Dv4.x:


FinneyGround Crosshairs_Plus linked and described in these threads: :pushpin:

We will generally be following procedures discussed in these threads: ;)

Let me know when you have downloaded the required files, and also whether you are having any problems with installing them. :)

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Hi Gary,

I think I have installed them correctly. I downloaded the "crosshairs plus " folder and moved it into P3D aeroplanes folder, then I downloaded the "Panel and model" package and replaced the old "crosshairs plus" files with the new ones given inside the "panels and model" package. So I believe I have installed them correctly :)

Thanks, Ollie.
Hi Ollie:

Assuming you have also downloaded and added the missing texture for Jim Robinsons updated FSX compatible model of CH+, and that you have verified its FSX format MDL will load in P3Dv4.x as a user aircraft listed under "Finney Ground", I shall post further instructions when I get back (...I am on the road for another hour or two).

PS: Take CH+ for a 'test flight' in P3Dv4.x is a newly skinned livery of a unique legacy FS aircraft flight model known as "JetPack Man" :-D

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Hi Ollie:

To best visualize local terrain textures for this specific area within your project and to center SBuilderX work-space Background imagery view:


SBuilderX Menu > Edit > Edit INI file ...

...and change only the parameter values in Bold face type to read as follows:

LatIniCenter= 50.9282303189
MeasuringMeters=True well as:


...Also, to enable CH+ FS scenery "ground" Altitudes to be read / written correctly to / from SBuilderX:

AircraftAltitudeOffset= 0

IIRC, you do not need to edit any SBuilderX parameter values to import ('Append') the 1-Foot interval Contour line *.BLN file I linked via PM.

Save and Exit from NotePad, Exit SBuilderX, then re-start SBuilderX

NOTE: For this particular task, we will use Google_api3_Satellite as a tile server to access higher resolution imagery.

This will not interfere with your preference to later use VirtualEarthSatellite imagery for your 'finished' scenery package while flying in P3D.

In SBuilderX work-space:

SBuilderX Menu > View > Show Background display Background imagery at 'zoom level 18'

Now, to download tiles via SBuilderX at 'zoom level 20' (LOD-20 @ 3.5cm/pixel):

SBuilderX Menu > File > Add Map > From Background ... < SBuilderX - Add Map From Background dialog opens >

In SBuilderX - Add Map From Background dialog > Number of Tiles > 'Tick' radio button: "44 x 28 at Zoom = 20"

Click [OK] button, and follow any prompts that appear anywhere on screen within that same dialog above

Back in SBuilderX work-space, select all resulting downloaded imagery tiles, and compile your imagery BGL at maximum visual quality via:

SBuilderX Menu > File > BGL Compile ... > 'Check' "Photo Scenery" check-box > 'Click' [Compile] button

In P3Dv4.x Scenery Library GUI, add a new Area at the top layer position for the folder chain containing your new (LOD-20) imagery BGL

To enable full detail display of those LOD-20 textures and the LOD-15 terrain mesh file(s) I linked via PM P3Dv4.x at run time:

Edit P3D.Cfg to read as follows:


FYI: The path to P3D.Cfg is:

C:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\P3D.CFG described and illustrated here:

All the above settings will help increase precision when creating sloped (and 'level') flatten(s) in SBuilderX. :pushpin:


Let me know if you have any questions while completing the above tasks. :)

More info to follow pending your reply to the above. ;)

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Hi Ollie:

As I do not (yet) have P3D to test directly, I had forgotten that 'FS' CFG parameter name- and how it works in P3D's Terrain rendering sub-system- ...had changed. :oops:

IIRC. P3D.Cfg file name was also changed to "Prepar3D.Cfg" P3Dv4.x

Assuming you have a DX-11 video card, in Prepar3D.Cfg, you may wish to test :


If you do not have a DX-11 video card, please let me know.

I shall post more info soon, on steps to make sloped / level flattens blend into surrounding terrain mesh. :)

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Please tell me, after:

* saving edits to Prepar3D.Cfg


* re-launching P3D

...did Terrain 'shape' change at run time in your local project area ex: by the 'sludge tanks' ? :scratchch

Also, please tell me whether you have a DX-11 video card (I suspect you probably do, based on system parameter statistics seen on-screen in one of your screenshots, but please confirm anyway :pushpin: ).

Thanks in advance; this may help me... help you... more effectively. ;)

Also, please tell me whether you have a DX-11 video card (I suspect you probably do, based on system parameter statistics seen on-screen in one of your screenshots, but please confirm anyway :pushpin: ).

Thanks in advance; this may help me... help you... more effectively. ;)
Sorry yes I do a GTX 1060 6GB.


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NOTE: Please verify this via FinneyGround Crosshairs_Plus in 'Locked Spot' view on the ground. ;)
Despite installing the "Crosshairs_Plus" folder into the airplanes folder in p3d it does not display in my aircraft list. I search for 'cross' in the menu and it doesn't come up with any results.
The 'Aircraft Manufacturer' list should show "Finney Ground ", with FinneyGround CrossHairs_Plus liveries.

Odd its not there Gary. I must have installed it incorrectly... All I did was move the folder to the airplanes folder.